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Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

Singapore Tourist Spots and  Things To Do

Singapore has a prosperous economic status. With its rising tourist destination, everything would be fun and exciting as you take your first step in the country. Its glamorous hotels, parks, and skyscrapers are enough to make your stay memorable than ever! When you finally get there, you will see the city’s beauty in and out of each establishment. It has loads of beautiful attractions that will make you feel brand new.

With its variety of destinations, it’s easy to get lost along the way. So, we are here to give you tips and ideas on what to do in your next Singapore trip!

List of Things to Do |  Tourist Spots in Singapore

We’ve narrowed down the places you can visit during your extravagant tour.


Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

  1. Fall in love with nature at Gardens by Bay.

The scenic view of this colorful garden will vanish your stress away. You are free to roam around the area, except the exclusive flower domes where you have to pay for admission tickets beforehand to enjoy the complete viewing of this beautiful place. This tour started in 2012, which adds to the natural ambiance amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Visit the former convent school, CHIJMES.

Time passed when everything changed in this location. Once a convent school, then suddenly became the place for bars and restaurants you can enjoy while you are currently wandering around the city. Each year, this place is improving for the tourist’s satisfaction.

3. Check out the most extensive visual art gallery in National Gallery Singapore.

This National Gallery is one of the must-visit places in Singapore. Previously, it was the City Hall and Supreme Court building. The government and local authorities decided to make as Singapore’s National Gallery. It is now full of arts and outstanding galleries dedicating them to locals and Southeast Asians.


Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

4. See the beauty of the Animal Kingdom in Singapore Zoo.

You will not see the typical zoo arrangement in this traveler’s choice. Unlike other zoos with wild animals imprisoned behind bars, this forest-like zoo lets 4000 animals roam around freely across 11 zones.

5. Witness the animals living in the river areas.

Who would have thought that watching over 5000 animal species is possible? Starting from manatees, crocodiles, monkeys, to reptile creatures, you can encounter them finally. This place offers various exhibits to showcase the unique animals coming from eight rivers.


Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

6. Experience once-in-a-lifetime Night Safari visit.

Watching nocturnal animals is now possible! You can witness 130 energetic species in the middle of the night. Night Safari was the first night zoo in the whole world back in 1994. You can use special lighting techniques to see wild animals at their designated places.

7. Don’t forget to visit Universal Studio.

Universal Studio is the family’s most favorite place in Singapore. Each ride it offers is electrifying and nerve-wracking. Popular trips include the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Battlestar Galactica, Transformers: The Ride, and more. These are 3D and real-life experiences that will make your heart beats faster out of excitement and fear.


Haw Par Villa

Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

8. Wander around the Haw Par Villa

The owners of Haw Par Villa are Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par – the reason why this place named after them. Its multi-colored statues and tableaux are noticeable. Some pictures depict the stories of Chinese mythology. Each photo shows uniqueness and one-of-a-kind artwork.

9. Stroll around MacRitchie Reservoir

One thing I love about Singapore is its love for animal preservations. Along this reservoir are the flying lemurs, tree frogs, and pangolins. These animals are usually not into human interaction. They hide from the bush or run away from you. However, long-tailed macaque monkeys are approachable. Just be careful when feeding them. They become aggressive at times.

10. Take a walk at one of Singapore’s off-shore islands, Pulau Ubin.

Nature lovers finally somewhere to go. The environmental ambiance of this place will make you feel refreshed. You can find many itineraries on this island; you can either go to Pekan Quarry for bird watching or walk around the nature trails. Pulau Ubin’s exact size is 1020 hectares, a wide area for you to enjoy wandering around.


ArtScience Museum

Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

11. Take Instagrammable photos at ArtScience Museum.

If you are a person in love with arts, this is the perfect place for you. You will learn more than just the picture, but the science behind each artistic masterpiece. The Future World: Where Art Meets Science collaborated with Japanese Art, are some of the things you can see in the exhibits.

12. Watch a gig, concert, or cultural theater show in Esplanade Theaters on the Bay.

With the theater’s multi-cultural shows, it will bring great insight into their history and performance cultures. Write this itinerary to your list, and you will never regret it.

13. Visit the National Museum of Singapore.

This museum is the largest among other similar architectures in the country. It shows the history of Singapore back in the days to the present times. The museum’s highlights are food, film, and photography.

Cable Car

Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

14. Experience the Singapore Cable Car. 

You can travel from Faber Peak Singapore to Sentosa Station by riding a cable car. Not every city has this transportation. It is your chance to take this once in a lifetime experience. VIP rides are also available, with delicious meal inclusion.

15. Enjoy at the Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Enjoy a variety of activities inside the waterpark. You will release the child-like soul in you when you go with the rides. You may experience speed rides and Rainbow reef where you can dive and witness the 20,000 different species of fish.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

16. See the beauty of the city at the top of the Singapore Flyer. 

Singapore Flyer is a giant wheel that will let you see the scenic view of entire Singapore and even the neighbor places. You have the option to avail of their VIP ride with fancy dining and cocktail packages.

17. Shop and enjoy leisure time at Orchard Road.

This place is the former home for fruit trees orchard. You can now walk around the street and shop from markets. Hotels and restaurants are also available in every corner. The activities in this location are limitless from daytime to night-time. Make sure to bring cash with you, since all of the places are too alluring to ignore.


Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

18. See the view of the South China Sea, Marina Bay, and the Singapore skyline at Marina Bay Sands.

You have the privilege to watch the scenic view if you paid for a hotel pass in Marina Bay Sands. If not, you can still observe the bird’s eye view of places if you pay to enter in Observation Deck. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you!

19. Visit the SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa

SEA Aquarium has over 800 species to observe. The colorful fishes and its various species are amazing to watch. You can see the swimming sharks, eels, clownfish, giant octopus, bottlenose dolphins, and seahorses. If you have children with you, this attraction is a must-visit location.

20. Learn more about artifacts at the Asian Civilisation Museum.

This is one of the largest museums in Singapore. Each display and gallery has a story to unfold. With the museum’s 1000 artifacts, it is impressive to see and learn about each of them.

Truth be told, Singapore has too much to offer. Bring your camera and capture every moment. Jump in with the country’s never-ending adventure!


Singapore Tourist Spots | Things To Do

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