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Boracay has always been beautiful. But with the effort and attention given by the government to rehabilitate it, it has become a new Boracay. A clean, refreshing, and revitalizing island! The island is dubbed as one of the best beach destinations in the country; this place has a lot of activities to offer. Let’s take a look at these in lost below.


List of Tourist Attractions | Things to do in Boracay, Philippines

Ariels Point

In this place, the adventurous will find it extremely enjoyable. They have different levels of cliff diving, beginning with the simple one heading to an extreme degree. So, people who would like to challenge their adrenaline can take on this activity.

ATV Adventure

A private course is dedicated to the island’s heart for ATV purposes. In this case, wear your helmet and other protective gear, listen to the orientation, and be ready to ride the ATV!


Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots , Philippines

Banana Boat

One of the hit adventures will be a banana boat ride. Wear your life vest and enjoy the splash of the waves and air as you journey using the banana boat. Hold your grip tight, and enjoy it!

Food Adventure

Whether it be Chinese, Korean, Italian, or authentic Filipino cuisine you are after, Boracay island has a lot of food shops and restaurants to offer. Just figure out which one you like, and they will serve it.

 Horseback Riding

Fulfill your cowboy dreams and take a horseback riding activity. Prior booking may be necessary so that you won’t have to cue for long to try the adventure.


Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots , Philippines

Island Hopping

Bring the rest of your family or friends and take an island-hopping adventure! The trip will bring you to the famous Puka Beach and other beautiful yet unexplored islands. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen; this will be a fantastic outdoor activity!

Distillery and Eco Tours

The mainland of Boracay Island is also an exciting place to explore. They offer distillery and eco-tours, making it fun and educational for everyone.


Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots , Philippines

Jet Ski

A jet ski ride is never a cliché activity. For one, it is different in Boracay because of the beauty of the place. In a jet ski ride, you only need the strength and courage to drive it in the middle of the sea!

Helmet Diving

You can breathe underwater by taking a helmet dicing activity. Interact with the marine creatures and enjoy the sceneries from below.

Helicopter Beach Tour

As lavish as it may sound, Boracay offers a helicopter beach tour. In this case, you will ride a helicopter and tour the island like a king or queen! Though a bit expensive, the experience is priceless.


Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots , Philippines


Known as one of the favorite kiteboarding destinations in Asia, this activity is one of a kind. It requires creativity, patience, and endurance! Don’t forget to enjoy the process while, of course, taking tons of photos.


A lot of spas are available in Boracay. May it be Thai, Swedish, Ventosa, or whatever type of massage you wish, they will have it for you. Call ahead of time for a reservation so you won’t have to wait longer once you arrive at the spa.

Mermaid Lesson

Wear the mermaid tail and learn how to swim like one! Mind you, both kids and adults enjoy this activity. It is both educational and fun at the same time. This will make you as ready as Ariel in swimming like a mermaid.



Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots, Philippines


If you want to see the island from the top, go for parasailing. You are seated in the sky while strapped with safety equipment. Let the wind take you to the top while a motorboat is at sea, trying to do manual navigation with the help of the wind.

Hacienda Maria Tour

The 14 hectares of the land of Hacienda Maria offer a one-of-a-kind haciendero and haciendera tour. Expect to see animals and lots of production of fruits and vegetables.

Luxury Sailing

Taking your sailing experience to the next level is possible through luxury sailing. The experience is exquisite and superbly Instagram-worthy. Though it costs much compared to the usual cruise, this one is undeniably for those who want to take cruising to the next level.

Paraw Sailing

Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots , Philippines

Paraw Sailing

The traditional way of sailing is called paraw sailing. Well, all you need here knows how to navigate the paraw and the perfect wind, and you are useful to explore. Feel the sea’s fresh air as the paraw jumps at the top of each wave.

Ole and Iron Fist Laursen

The gym at Boracay? Yes! Those who would like to enjoy the island without sacrificing their gym schedule will also be happy in this place. Just head here and do you think about your physical activity.

Reverse Bungy

Fly at 200 kilometers per hour as you skyrocket about 60 meters above sea level! Yes, this is another way of challenging your adrenaline.

Scuba Diving Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots , Philippines

Scuba Diving

Getting to know the different species of fish is possible through scuba diving. 9f you are new in the field, you have nothing to worry about since they will be very patient to assist and help you.

Segway Tours

Ride the Segway as you tour the island. It will be faster and less tiring since you do no need to walk a lot. Plus, the tour guide will be very informative in answering your queries.

Stand-up Paddle

Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots , Philippines

Stand-up Paddle

Balance is the key to success in doing a stand-up paddle. Be the board with you and begin to paddle while standing, maintaining striking balance to rise even if the waves start to shake the board.

Sunset Cruise

Watching the spectacular sunset as you enjoy your comfortable seat on a cruise. Yes, this is romantic at its finest! You have to sit and enjoy the view as the colors of red and orange envelop the sky, and the sun slowly seems to sink in the waters.

Underwater Scooter

Tour underwater while riding a scooter? Yes, this is also possible. Meet the schools of fish at the bottom while enjoying your scooter activity.

Wind Surfing

Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots, Philippines

Wind Surfing

The combined power of sailing and surfing gave birth to windsurfing. In this activity, you will ask for more wind to enjoy the adventure fully.

Motag Living Museum

In this museum, you will see humans doing traditional work like farming, cooking, and weaving! This is exceptionally educational, especially if you are traveling with the kids.

Enjoying your Boracay visit is not difficult. With the number of activities to try, the sky is the limit for fun and enjoyment! 

Things to Do in Boracay, Philippines

How to Get to Boracay | Travel Guide [Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots]

To give you comprehensive information to help you in planning your trip, we recommend that you check,  Comprehensive Travel Guide

By Plane:

 Boracay Island has no airport. The nearest one that serves as the gateway to the island is the  Godofredo P. Ramos Airport – Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, popularly known as Caticlan or Boracay Airport. The place is located in the town of Malay in Aklan province. The airlines that operate in this airport are Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, Philippine Airlines, and SkyJet.

If you come from other countries, you must fly to Manila or Cebu and take another flight to Malay, Aklan.

When you arrive at Malay Aklan (Caticlan) Airport, take a ride to Caticlan Jetty Port. From Jetty Port, buy a ticket for a boat ride to Boracay Island for 10 to 20 minutes.  

From Iloilo:

Take a cab to bring you to the Ceres Terminal bound for Caticlan. Air-conditioned vans also provide transportation to Caticlan directly from Tagbak Terminal in Iloilo. Please note that vans will ensure they are full before going, while the Ceres Buses will go as scheduled. 

Things to Do in Boracay, Philippines

By Boat from Batangas

From Batangas: 2 Go operates about six times a week each way to Caticlan.

By Road

From Manila: Buses run from Manila to Caticlan throughout the day. The trip is approximately 12 hours. You can take buses at the Philtranco terminal in Cubao and Pasay City in Manila.

List of Hotels and Resorts in Boracay

 With the New Boracay, all guests are required to book their hotels in advance in any of the Tourism Department Accredited Hotels and Resorts. You will not be allowed to enter the island without a prior reservation.

Please see, List of Accredited Hotels and Resorts  

Things to Do in Boracay, Philippines

Things to Do in Boracay, | Tourist Spots , Philippines

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