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Swimsuits for Women

It’s the time of the year again where girls are going crazy about which perfect swimsuit would fit their bodies for their long-planned summer getaway. As early as the month of February, you could already see shops selling a variety of swimsuit designs. May it be from the simplest to the boldest style, they got it all! Albeit possible that what carries the aura of a woman while wearing a swimsuit is their confidence, it is still possible to look perfect and amazingly stunning just by wearing the perfect swimsuit that matches her body size and figure. In this article, we will be showing you different tips on how you can choose the right swimsuit for you in a fabulous and alluring way!


Stylish Crochet Bikini Top [ Swimsuits for Women | Fashion Guide ]

  1.    Small Bust Women

Go with the pads for the bikini top and make sure to put the volume on the way you look by looking for a swimsuit that has ruffles design. This will make your body look more curvy and sexy in its own ways. You may also opt for a retro-printed design making sure that it fits your taste and figure perfectly.

  1.    Large Bust

This is one of the most challenging parts, you would like to look sexy and at the same time still gaining respect from the viewers. To perfectly nail this, opt for halter neck designs since this type of design supports the weight of the breast and it also displays a good yet decent image of your top. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you go for a full cap top instead of half one since this will make you feel more confident and comfortable. Do not go for swimsuits with ruffles and other designs for this will make your bust look bigger. Your goal here is to make sure that your waist will look even smaller.

plus size beach wear

Printed Swimsuits for plus size women or those who have bigger hips, etc. [ Swimsuits for Women | Fashion Guide ]

  1.    Bigger Hips

Ready to do your catwalk at the shore? Well, make sure to walk, with confidence as you sway your alluring hips as you walk. But there is no need to emphasize it since it is already bigger than the usual. Go for dark-colored for the bottom and a lighter color for the top.

  1.    Slim Down a Stomach

If the diet or the baby fats will not simply leave you especially this summertime, you can always resort to wearing swimsuits with designs of shirring at the upper part of your body. A tankini is the best for you since this covers the stomach part of your body but allows you to move freely and comfortably due to its cut. But if you would like to go for a one-piece style rather than the two-piece, then it is recommended that you go for dark color.

white beachwear

White Swimsuit [ Swimsuits for Women | Fashion Guide ]

  1.    Pear-Shaped Figure

For women with a pear-shaped figure, look for swimsuits with high cut legs because this will make your figure look slimmer and it will also make you look like long-legged. Light color for the top and dark as well as a solid color on the bottom.

  1.    Straight-Shaped Figure

The best part that you should give emphasis to here is your waist. Make sure that you put emphasis on the details (ruffles and other draping) around your waste. This will create an optical illusion that you have a curvy body.

  1.    Apple-Shaped Figure

Colored swimsuits are the best for you since it will not give emphasis on your stomach but more on the legs.


two-piece bathing suit [ Swimsuits for Women | Fashion Guide ]

  1.    Hourglass-Shaped Figure

Well, if you are one of the lucky ones who got the chance to have this body, anything will work perfectly for you! No need to be cautious about what you are going to wear because no matter what, you will still look sexy as ever.

  1.    Overall Slim Vibe

The body-hugging swimsuit is the best option for those who are looking for a body slimming swimsuit. This provides you the confidence to the ramp and flaunts your body since the things that you are trying to hide will surely be hidden in these stretchy swimsuits.


Solid color one-piece bathing suit [ Swimsuits for Women | Fashion Guide ]

The general rule here is that you have to always consider the overall details of your swimsuit (color, details, patterns, and fabric). And additionally, select for the perfect cut that matches your body figure. Be ready to flaunt your sexy body this summer!


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