Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat


Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat

 8 Reasons Why do People Cheat | Relationship Problems

You might have heard of someone saying, “I gave my best, but it was not enough!” that might be the sentiments of every man or woman who has been through the excruciating pain of being cheated on. Well, the feeling of not being enough will most often come into the equation. We question ourselves about our worth, and we try to make sense out of the unfortunate event that happened.

We fail to figure out the root cause of it since we want to let it pass, and we do not want to dwell on it. The truth is, only when we face our monsters that we get to conquer them. Meaning, when we identify the root cause behind the cheating, we can finally move on with our lives. In this article, I will discuss some possible reasons why some individuals choose the journey of affair.

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat


Most elicit affairs begin with plain curiosity.

The individual is curious to experience and explore more possibilities. The feeling of contentment is not satisfied. It is as if they want to discover all the things that life has to offer. So, they often cheat to experience something new.

Yearnings to Explore New Intimate Experiences

The individual yearns for more or a different experience when it comes to intimate activities. No matter how much the partner will accomplish their things, the individual feels greater satisfaction if they could also try it with someone other than their partner.

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat


The individual is longing for validation. It means that as an individual, the person wants to feel that they are needed, that they are loved, that they are always sought for. In short, they look for constant attention given by their partner. When this is not met, the individual resorts to cheating.

Emotional Dissatisfaction with the Current Partner

The individual fails to connect emotionally with the partner. Emotional stability is a crucial ingredient in every relationship, and its lack is detrimental. An individual may cheat because they do not feel emotional complementation with the partner. Sometimes, it leads to the feeling of experiencing unrequited love.

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat

 Dissatisfaction During Intimate Moments

The individual experiences lack of satisfaction during intimate moments with their partner. It means that no matter how much effort they try to put into the activity, they feel that it is not as satisfying as they dreamt it.

The individual fell out of love.

The spark is gone! That’s what most has to say about this idea. It means that the level of love before was not anymore as it is now. It means that the individual feels that they are not anymore in love with the partner.

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat

The individual is seeking revenge.

Perhaps, they experienced a painful situation before, and now, they would like to take revenge by hurting other people, specifically the current partner.

The individual fell in love with someone else.

In this case, it is not a matter of not being enough; it is just that the individual fell in love with someone other than their partner. This often leads to the effort of the person to be close to the new love interest, which eventually leads to cheating.

With all these possible reasons people cheat, it is also important to remember that cheating is always a choice. An individual will not cheat if they are contented in and in love with their current partner. At this point, we have to make sure that we stay loyal to the people we genuinely love.

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat

Relationship Problems | Why do People Cheat

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  1. kelly L. Lavergas BSIT 3A-2

    For me, that kind of thing should not be forgiven because it is difficult to regain the trust of someone because of his cheat. but if the person is sincere in asking for forgiveness I may be able to give him a chance but it is difficult to go back but it must be prepared.

  2. Rodny Malacad BSIT3-A2

    Cheating is a choice. If you choose to cheat on your partner, the maybe you have your reasons why you cheat. But cheating is not an excuse in a relation. In my own opinion, if ever my partner cheat on me, and she choose to have a relationship with my best friend, I will choose to understand and investigate the situation first. I will ask and examine myself if I have wrongdoings that makes her cheat on me. And if ever I have my fault also, I will understand her and give her second chance. But if I see her happy with my best friend the way she was with me, that is the time for me to give up and even though it hurts, I will give her happiness. Sometimes, we need to give up the person we love for their happiness and for our peace of mind.

  3. Ashlley Jaztine Hisu-an, BSIT 3-A2

    If You really love the person you won’t do anything that can hurt them. Cheating is a Sin, and means of being not contented. If If I Have a Partner who cheats on Me with my Best Friend it will hurt Me badly, Because the person who betrays Me is the one who I trusted the most. This situation happened on Me before that even times had passed but Time won’t heal the wounds of the Past. Love is a Serious thing that there’s no room for foolishness. There’s No excuse in Love to give second chance. Let them go, Learn to love yourself first and Move on.

  4. Tristan Kent Balayo BSIT 3A2

    For me i will end the relationship because thst is hurt snd that is unforgettable and very hard to forgive your partner on that sins. For me the best thing is move on and recover because many girl that deserve my love snd never do it like that. Yes very hard to move on but you will learn someday to move on. Heal your self and no matter what just smile and enjoy your day without her.

  5. Zaver B. Divinagracia BSIT3A-2

    I think you, your girlfriend, and your bestfriend must talk to each other of what is the problem and if your girlfriend love your bestfriend the most, then let go, there’s no need to keep staying in your partner. You give your all you can to her, to make her happy and be independent. You have loyalty and contentment attitude then you can have a girl that wil give you and feel you that you are special and the one. Just remember that you dont lost a person that can break your heart, and she lost a person that can love her for the rest of her life.

  6. Arby Gumban 3A2

    I have a relationship last year, we are happy almost 3 years, and we love each other, I trusted hee and he trst me to. but one day he told me that after he graduate in senior high school he stop and decided her parent to continue her 1st year college in manila. but our relationship was still go on, we still communicate each other thru chat and call every day. and day week and moths that both of us is seperated, we suffer some problems. long distance relationship was so very dificult. and I sence that she slowly losing enterest in me.
    she always not in a good mood every time we talk each other. and one night he told me to stop our relationship because it did’nt work, its very painful and i ask my self that I was not enough for her. I love her very much but i respect her decision. i have nothing to do because i make it all to fix our relationship.
    long distance relationship is very dificult and this is one of a relation problems sometime this is one of the problem that one of in the relationship was cheated beacause lack of time to each other. now i am happy to be a sigle.

  7. Johnie Dave Cordero #BSIT3A2

    If your partner cheated on you, you don’t need to stay in that relationship anymore. If you gave her/him another chance there will be a possibility that he/she will cheat again on you. It is better to end your relation right away than to give you broken hearted over and over again.

  8. Manuel Fungo 3A2

    For me, that’s a game over situation. There’s no going back from that kind of problem. Any way to try and continue a relationship that turned in to that will just experience constant distrust, anxiety and stress on the relationship. It’s best to end it right away and move on. You may suffer a temporary broken heart but you will recover. There’s plenty of fishes out there and the one who’s right for you can just be around the corner.

  9. If I found out that my partner cheat with my best friend, I will not stay. First of all, my best friend and partner are one of the ones I trust when it comes to secrets, problems and my personal matters. They know what is going on in my life, they know how I feel because of my problems but they still manage to betray me. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship, but how else can I trust if I found out someone I trust has cheated on me. If I stay in our relationship it will only be chaotic because I will not be able to restore the trust I gave her before. I don’t want to stay in a relationship that was once broken because only suspicion and doubt will be on my mind when we get back together.

  10. Klint Libona BSIT 3-A2

    Suppose I have a partner and she cheated on me with my best friend, I would rather let her go and let her be happy with the person she chose. Cheating isn’t a good thing to do and it will only lead to a disaster. It is also hard to forget that the person you have invested your time and love has cheated on you. It will haunt you every now and then. So instead of clinging on that kind of relationship I would rather set her free and move on.

  11. Ronnel Nagalo BSIT3-A2

    Before I stay in that relationship I should fixed my self first, if I’m gonna okay with that or better to end that. But since the question is about staying, maybe I can resolve the conflict by trusting her again, explain why she did it. But in the end of the day if you really loved that person no matter what she did you’ll gonna still forgive and forgotten what she did.

  12. If I found out my partner cheat with my best friend automatically our relationship is done no explanation no conversation. Because once she cheat she will do that again, cheater is always a cheater and if she truly loves me she cannot do that, anything that well ruin our relationship. I deserve someone better not a cheater and to my best friend who betrayed me I thank him because I lost two wrong people in my life.

  13. Emel B. Baldeveso

    Emel B. Baldeveso BSIT 3-A2

    For me there is no need to stay. Because when a person loves you, he will never fool around and he will prefer to be content with you and not be able to look for others. It’s okay now that you saw him fooling around early so we shouldn’t feel sorry for the people who fooled and hurt you. And it’s better that we don’t let them try to retaliate because there is a god who thinks we will take care of the cheaters.

  14. I currently have a girlfriend and we have been together for almost three years and we really love each other. if by any chance I caught her betraying me and our best friend I would not be aggressive but I would talk to her about why she did the things that would ruin our relationship. I will tell her where I am lacking, have i done anyting wrong?, and if she says that she loves our bestfriend more I can do nothing but tolerate if that is what she wants, because I am not lacking and I really love her and she’s my one and only. And if she was just carried away or tempted and she really regrets what she did I will still give her a chance, there is a saying that if you love you will forgive. because the happy experiences that we have achieved together are even more vivid


    I am in a relationship with almost 6 years we always solve any problems we have and challenges i trust her very much but if happens she cheating on me and also with my best friend it is very risky to give their chance if they want it to comeback to me but i will ask her if why she do that what did i do wrong what am i lacking. If she don’t happy with me anymore i will accept it but if she wanted to back on me and she fully regret it I can give her a chance because i take a look back our memories how much she loves me and all people made a mistake not a single human being is perfect but if she’s not happy anymore i would give up her because i did everything what makes her happy i did my very best to keep her to take care of her but i will never forgive my best friend our best friend is one of the most trusted person but if they betrayed me they will be my enemy. But in the end of the day if we move on we always forgive the person who hurt us and we need to learn how to forgive. I am thankful to our teachers to teach us a life leasons , how to decision making thanks to you sir because of your strictly to discipline us . Godbless you sir Godbless to all teachers.

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