Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons


Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

7 Common Reasons of Cheating Women

Infidelity is most commonly associated with being an act done by men. However, as hard as some of you may believe, married women cheat do cheat too. Women also involve themselves in intimate activity with someone outside their relationship. The act of cheating is sometimes hard to determine and conclude whether it is cheating because each relationship has its own set of boundaries and rules. But through surveys and research, we’ve been able to narrow down the seven common reasons why women end up cheating on their primary partner.

1. Not Alone but Lonely

Some acknowledge that their partners come home to them, but just because they aren’t alone doesn’t mean they feel lonely. Some wives feel lonely because their partners are still too busy working at home, or their husbands prefer to do anything other than interacting with them. While for some, it is physical loneliness, like partners who travel overseas. Women who have partners working abroad need to crave attention and love from someone who is close by.

Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

2. Ignored, Unwanted, or Underappreciated

Many women who have cheated explain that they choose to cheat because their husbands do not value them the way they should; they want to be appreciated and validated. At home, women don’t feel like they have a partner that they can count on. Instead, they feel like a maid or merely just the income producer.

3. Overwhelmed by Responsibilities

Some wives have shared their experience of cheating despite having loving partners. They narrate that sometimes work and home responsibilities become overwhelming or beaten by the things to be done. They end up wanting satisfaction or joy from something, or someone, else; it becomes somewhat of a fulfilling act.

Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

4. Seek Affection

Women do not only need sexual gratification from their partners, but many women also value other forms of non-sexual activities way more. Stories of women explaining the lack of intimacy with their husbands have made them look for Affection with someone else.

5. Not Contented

Sexual intercourse is not only enjoyed and wanted by men; women also crave it. Some women have admitted that they cheat because they aren’t satisfied with the ‘action’ they get at home, which makes them want to find that satisfaction with someone else.

Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

6. Too Many Expectations

One must admit that sometimes women put too many expectations on their partners, unnecessary and close to impossible ones. And because of these high or impossible expectations, women end up seeking other men hoping to find one that would finally meet those expectations.

7. Response

By response we mean, women who reenact or respond to early trauma in life in their current relationship via means of cheating. It can be cheating by their previous partner, abuse from a partner/friend/family, or some neglect in the family in the past. Some have experienced trauma and react by cheating to forget about it, control it or understand it.

Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

Cheating Women | 7 Common Reasons

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  1. Queenie Mae Gargallano BSIT 2F3

    Ofcourse not, for me there is no valid reason for cheating. If you’re not happy anymore or you’re not treated right , you can just leave instead of cheating in that way you can explain everything in your children , always remember cheating is a choice but remember also that you have vowed Infront of god that you and your partner will face difficulties and hard times together , I believe an understanding women will not cheat if she is mistreated instead she will do the right thing for her children … You may get satisfaction you want in cheating but the consequences you’ll face is twice…

  2. Claire M Miravelis BSIT-2F3

    In my opinion those 7 reasons or how many reasons it was not enough tobthe married woman to cheat , becauseno matter how lonely you are, unsatisfied , unwanted amd not content ed to the love that your husbands offered to you don’t cheat. Why? Because you are married, marriage is sacred because both of you has a legal commitment. No matter what happen in sickness and in health , in the most happy and sad moments of your life you should stay together. Both of you should accept accept your flaws and imperfections as husband and wife. Cheating is a choice not a mistake because you are the one who controls your actions. If you’re felt lonely, unsatisfied , unwanted and not contented to your partner then leave , don’t cheat because cheating is a sin in everybody’s eyes.

  3. Jonalyn S. Degabi BSIT 2F3

    I think I can safely say that not all women/girls want to cheat. They lie to get new people to treat them the way they want to be treated. Some of the explanations given in the article are correct; the person cheated because he or she was lonely and had no one to talk to. She cheated because someone she loved disregarded her and didn’t perceive her worth as a woman. That’s how she got away with it. This is incorrect, because cheating is a sin that cannot be atoned for with good. Cheating can bring back pain, guilt, and other negative consequences. My advice is to be content with what you have and to avoid cheating if you don’t want to be retaliated against. Cheating is a conscious decision. It’s impossible to make cheating better or more enjoyable.

  4. Marvin Bayona

    In my own opinion, we cannot judge the decision made by people. As I’ve read the reasons why married woman cheat I am not satisfied or agreed because for me, there will be way on how to fix things. Leaving someone is not just leaving things you don’t value. Because you promised to each other in your wedding vows that you will stick to each other no matter what and the bottom line is that you wouldn’t marry someone if you don’t really love him/her of he/she is not the one you look forward in your mornings to forever. Marriage is not a phase of life that just a fun alone but growing together, made decision together, fixing things together etc. If partners have problems it should be talk by one another, clear things out because it is the way couples do, they don’t leave each other that easily because one partner is lacking or have flaws because they will stay out of love. But, we cannot judge other people because we are not the same. Even though we tell them about this, even though we share our thoughts about of this and that they will not listen because what matters is theirs. We have different emotions, thoughts, situation and need. Especially, woman are very sensitive and very needed. We cannot teach what is right or wrong to them because it’s their feelings matters. If they wanted something, not happy, not satisfied and decided to leave them partner then let them be. We can talk give advises to them but we cannot control their decision after all. At the end of the day, what we want for our selves is the happiness and contentment in life. Let’s just understand their feelings and just support them.

  5. Michelle O. Nalangan BSIT 2-F3

    These reasons are not enough for married women to be unfaithful because if you truly love and value your relationship with your partner, you will always choose that person because that person is not only your boyfriend/girlfriend but also your husband/wife, whom you both vowed in front of our dear God to stay and value your relationship together despite of temptations, hard times, and complicated situations ahead of you. However, if you believe your love for your partner has faded, you must open it to him/her since communication is crucial in a relationship; if there is a problem or misunderstanding, you must inform your partner as soon as possible for him/her to be reminded about how you two have survived together despite the hardships you’ve faced over the years. Temptations will always be present, but constantly remember that you must accept and support your partner’s progress as a life partner, despite their flaws and imperfections.


    Cheating is a choice and not a mistake. After reading the article, I can say that there is no valid reason why women cheat. Because no one deserves to be cheated. It is normal that you get attracted to someone, but that is not enough reason for you to cheat on your partner. We all know that women are the faithful ones and men are the unfaithful ones, but I’m not generalizing it. But I want to say that there is no good reason for women to be unfaithful to their partners. As Filipinos, marriage is important to us. Before we get worried, we should know who you’re marrying. Allowing someone you’re not sure about to lead you to cheating is not a good idea.

  7. Anchel B. Erecido BSIT 2f3

    I believe that these seven reasons are sufficient for women to cheat, since what good is marrying a man if they don’t have time, love, or affection for their wives? As a woman, the feeling of being overlooked and unloved is the worst. Women betray because their spouses are unable to provide them with the fulfillment they desire. When a woman believes she isn’t getting the affection she desires from you, she will go for it elsewhere. Many women just want to be loved and appreciated by their relationships; if your men do not value and appreciate you, ladies will be dissatisfied with the actions you make.

  8. Crystal Gail B. Gavileno BSIT 2F3

    Upon reading the article, I can say that all of those reasons are not valid enough in order to cheat on your partner. In order to get rid of this problem, you should first get to know your partner and not rush to get married or be in a relationship because when you are already married, you should remember that it is sacred; it is a covenant with your wife and God. Cheating is not a sin that should be taken lightly because it is one of the main reasons why most of the family nowadays became broken. Some people tend to say that “it was just a mistake” but for me cheating is an action that is done “intentionally.” I always wonder why would people cheat? and do they feel guilty about their terrible acts? If the time will come that you feel that you are slowly falling out of love then you should just be frank about it towards your partner and both of you should talk about it. Communication helps and Cheating is not an excuse. No matter how many times we turn the table, cheating is cheating. And, if you know that you partner is cheating and then you became hurt always remember that “You deserve what you tolerate.” Be frank on how you feel because no one deserves to be fooled and cheated on. We deserve the best.

  9. Angelo T. Elare BSIT 2F3

    I don’t think that all of these reason are enough for married women to be unfaithful why? Because I do believe that being unfaithful in a marriage is very wrong especially if they have children. married women should just let their husband know that they are not happy with him, should have told him what she feels for them (both of them) to fix what is broken/lacking in their mirrage. Being unfaithful in a marriage or in a relationship is considered cheating and cheating is a choice and its wrong.

  10. Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT2F3

    There are seven reasons why women cheat in this article, however, these reasons aren’t enough for married women to be unfaithful in my opinion. Let’s stop trying to normalize cheating, you are in the right mind to do that mistake and to think that “you are lonely because you feel alone, you feel unwanted to the point that you seek attention, you are pressured to responsibilities, not contented because you have many expectations.” These reasons are not enough to CHEAT at all. I mean, cheating is a choice, a choice that commits sins. I can say that marriage has always played a role in our lives. We can thrive in any setting if we have the principles and attributes that our parents instilled in us. Marriage is a long-term commitment between a man and a woman to be together for the rest of their lives. Marriage needs a commitment that has an assurance of a personal deal you made with the one you love. It’s a promise to do whatever it takes to make the marriage succeed, whether it’s via love, trust, honesty, openness, or some other behavior. When you felt that love is no longer there, go back and think about the reasons why you marry your husband. Simply, cooperate and compromise as a wife and husband, it’s unfair where you’re other half was unfaithful. Remember, trust and love are essential. I just wanna say for some woman out there that if you are married you must quit being single at heart and change your mindset from “mine” to “ours,” from “me” to “us.” You must demonstrate that you value your husband and be willing to make sacrifices too. Simply listen to each other thoughts, desires, and dreams without interfering. Maintain your individualism while working together. So, Cheating in a marriage/relationship is NOT normal nor should it EVER be accepted.

  11. Efren John Reyes

    These reasons, I believe, will never be valid. I believe marriage is a very important and sacred thing. So, before you commit to marrying someone, evaluate yourself and prepare yourself for the commitment you are about to make. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage; everything has its own season. This idea and these things, I believe, can only be understood by a married man or woman. But, to share my thoughts, after hearing some of the testimonies from various people, I can say that marriage has always had something to do with our past. With the values and characteristics that we inherited from our parents, we can thrive in any environment. Your life changes the moment you get married. Even your priorities will shift as a result of your new perspective. As a woman, you are meant to be submissive to your husband. This reason, I believe, will never exist when the Order in a family is right and strong. Allow yourself to connect with one another, accept one another’s flaws, and always base your relationship on love. Because, in everything, there is faith, hope, and love. LOVE is the most powerful of all.

  12. Khien D. Torreña BSIT 2-F3

    For my own opinion some women cheat because of Anger or Retribution some women enter into a relationship with an idealized image of how their spouse should behave. When the partner falls short of expectations and can’t meet their every need and desire, it can create a divide in the relationship that provides the impetus to stray. Some women may resent their partner for another reason, such as a partner’s past affair, and use their own infidelity as a retaliations.

  13. Lyka C.Oscianas BSIT 2F3

    For my own opinion this 7 reasons is not enough for a woman to cheat because no matter what happen even when you’re lonely and unappreciated by your partner ,cheating is a wrong choose.Marriage is sacred, and after you vowed in front God in the altar with your husband you will be responsible in very day life, you will commit yourself to your partner and you will promised to stay with him no matter how hard the situations is.Cheating must not be one of your option if you feel unhappy,unwanted and even if you feel the love was starting to fade .Just go back to the reason why you marry that man,why you choose him over someone else out there and why you choose to share your life time with him.If you feel their are changes in between with your partner just make time to talk, don’t let your pride be higher than your love.

  14. Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 2-F3

    Those reasons, in my viewpoint, are insufficient to support being unfaithful to your marriage. We all know that cheating is the quickest and most straightforward way to end a relationship. There is no need to cheat even if you believe there is a good excuse given in the article. Your unfaithfulness feeds your selfishness and leads to the breakdown of your marriage. Don’t squander a once-in-a-lifetime blessing on something so worthless.

  15. Khea Joy S. Juanico BSIT 2F3

    These are not enough reasons to cheat. No matter how lonely you feel, how unsatisfied, how unwanted, or even if you are not contented with the treatment your husband is giving you, you still must not cheat. Marriage is sacred, and the day you vowed in front of your husband in the altar of God, is the very day you commit yourself to your partner and promised to stay with him even in the most undesirable, unhappy, unappealing, disappointing and difficult situations in your marriage life. Cheating must not be on your option to seek what’s been missed and failed to comply. When you felt that love is fading, you must all the more work for that marriage because it’s not always rainbow and bliss. Go back to the reason why you marry that man, and what it feels like if you are in his position and got also cheated by the person you love, trust and believed the most. These trials should make you stronger, not weaker or an opportunity to betray your husband and become unfaithful. Be courageous to speak and open up to your husband that things are getting hard for you so he will be rebuked. Don’t lower yourself by committing immoral sin from mistakes that can still be corrected.

  16. Melvin M. Villanueva BSIT-2F3

    For my own opinion, this 7 reason why women cheat was acceptable, you can judge me because I agree with this article and I don’t care. For my little understanding about marriage, we know that marriage was sacred, but to the point that after married your partner/husband ignored and underappreciated you is not good feeling to the women. If you are married person you are responsible to your husband/wife action, ask yourself where you are lacking or where you are doing too much. The bottom line sometimes we making mistake just to be happy again.

  17. All we know that cheating is a sin to our love one’s but i believe women cheat because of the action of their partner or it maybe cause of lack of attention, blaming, argument, loneliness, and not contented to their partner.For me we can’t blame other women if they cheat because temptation is always there in all things but it depends on how they deal with it. Women also cheat if they feel that they are feel unloved with their partner and feel bored with their partner.

  18. King Ruben D. Sales BSIT 2 F3

    None of these reasons are valid enough for a woman/man to cheat. even though cheating is a choice but never use that as an option just because you feel lonely, not contented, or etc. Temptation is and will always be there but always remember the promises you both shared together. Never let anyone that’s out of your relationship pleasure you when your partner is not around instead pleasure thyself because when you know how to pleasure yourself, you won’t need someone else’s to do that to you not until your partner came. Cheating nowadays is very common especially when your partner is not loyal and faithful to you. So, ladies and gentlemen, I want you to choose someone who has faith, love, respect and support to you as who you really are as a person. And choose someone who will also choose you over and over again.

  19. Andrea Isabelle C. Palma

    We should not blame and put the responsibility to any gender in a relationship since there is truly no enough reason in the world for someone to cheat if you really love your person. Life not always pure bliss. There will be struggles and challenges, and supposedly, these should be the motivation of both partners to strengthen their relationship. Proper and constant communication of what you truly feel is the key to make things work. Loyalty and faithfulness should go hand in hand in able for successful relationship to prosper and to grow. Cheating is a choice, therefore choose not to cheat.

  20. Kimberly F. Betic BSIT 2F3

    No, because before we enter into a relationship like marriage, we need to get to know our partner more even when we are in the stage of being boyfriend and girlfriend because this stage of getting to know our partner gives us information that we don’t like him or her and also in the first place we know our partner more before we enter that kind of relationship if we don’t know our partner more it’s difficult to communicate to her or him that leads her into cheating. Many married couples don’t succeed in their relationship because of a lack of communication. All the reasons can still be discussed what if the thing is not understood it can even be used as a way to repair a relationship. Cheating on our loved ones is one of the reasons why our partners lose their trust. Many have broken relationships like marriage because they don’t have a good foundation in communicating with each other.

  21. Jheeve Dhalin M. Iligan 2F3

    For me, Yes, because of the seven reasons, I can really say that those are the main reasons why women become dishonest in their relationships. It also depends sometimes in a relationship. If they are honest and trust each other, their relationship will not be broken.

  22. Nathanael D. Pabiania BSIT 2F3

    All person now have experience cheated their family, friends, partners, classmate or even thier not close. Example. Cheating like in your girlfriend is the worst to do in your relationship. Cheating on women is they didn’t deserve that, women should be love, care, and give thier loyalty as a partner. Cheating is not normal as you can control your desire to be cheat, you cannot be a stranger . If you do that, someday you will be suffer in all action you do.

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