Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark Adventure

Oslob is a famous tourist spot in Cebu. With the natural beauty of the place, like its beaches, old structures, restaurants, and resorts, I am sure that you will find this place close to heaven.

When you talk about Oslob, you definitely cannot separate the whale shark from the place. But there are other things to do to enjoy the place.

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark Adventure and Other Things To Do

  1. Lagoon Kayaking

The natural lagoon at Sumilon Island is both peaceful and fascinating. As you do your kayaking activity, you will be surrounded by towering mangroves on both sides. Whether you want to do it alone or with your friends, this will be an ideal bonding time.

2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling at the sea of Sumilon Island allows you to see the rich and diverse marine creatures deep down the water. Doing this is an adventurous and fun water activity.

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

3. Swimming at the White Sand bar at Sumilon Island

The Sumilon Island sand bar is one of the best places to visit in Oslob. Its natural beauty is captivating, enough to want you to stay longer and do some swimming and sightseeing activities. No wonder this place has become the favorite of couples having their romantic marriage proposals.

4. Cave Tour

The locals call it the Yamashita Cave, a spot where former President Ferdinand Marcos is believed to have hidden his ill-gotten wealth. To fully explore the cave, it is required that you bring your gear with you for safety and convenience purposes.

5. Lighthouse Climbing

I have always loved the idea of climbing a lighthouse. But getting to experience here in Sumilon is magical. The 360-degree view from the top offers you the chance to see the island from the top while feeling the cold breeze of the air.

Tumalog Falls

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

6. Tumalog Falls

This majestic waterfall offering a full basin for swimming at the bottom of it is refreshing and rejuvenating. The curtain-like flow of water will leave you speechless. Just take the jump and enjoy the waters.

7. Baluarte Ruins

Nearby the lighthouse, the 16th-century Spanish watchtower now called Baluarte ruins are found. The place brings back a time vibe, making it a spot for history geeks and those who want to take historic-vibe photos.

Cuartel Ruins

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

8. Cuartel Ruins

Built in 1860, this Cuartel served as a military barracks during the Spanish occupation. This is a favorite spot for those who want to have a historic vibe kind of wedding photoshoot.

9. Mainit Springs

Take a dip in the lukewarm waters of Mainit Spring. The therapeutic feeling it brings as the body touches the water, you will feel nothing but pure relaxation and refreshment.

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

10. Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church

The newly renovated church is also a must-see place in the area. But behind its current function as a church, the site also served as a historical place that witnessed distress, oppression, and wars.

11. Resorts

This resort in Oslob is a hit for those who are physically active. Why? They have numerous facilities, all to facilitate and make one’s stay an enjoyable and memorable one. The countless resorts available in Oslob offers comfort and a high level of enjoyment. The island has something to offer for you, whether it be the luxurious type you are after or the budget-friendly one.

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

12. Museo Oslob

If you are more into antiquity kind of surroundings, heading to the Museo Oslob will be your ideal spot to visit. The furniture, mirrors, lights, and everything in it will fascinate you.

13. Food trips

Whether it be the fresh seafood you are after or any other cuisine, the restaurants and food hubs available in the area will give you a satisfying mealtime. The sumptuous and palatable food they offer will surely make one order for more. Bring your family or friends with you and enjoy your meals.

Oslob has a lot of things to offer. Aside from swimming with the whales, the list above could also give you a fantastic stay and bonding moments on the island. Have fun!

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu

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