Calle Luna Halo-halo in Silay City : A Review


Calle Luna Halo-halo in Silay City : A Review

Calle Luna Halo-halo

Cool Delights at Calle Luna: A Halo-Halo Adventure in Silay City

Disclaimer: This review reflects personal experiences and preferences. Individuals who are comfortable in warmer environments may not find the temperature inside Calle Luna to be an issue. However, we believe that improvements in ventilation and ambiance could enhance the overall dining experience for all customers. We wish the restaurant success and hope they consider these suggestions for the benefit of their patrons.

Calle Luna Halo-halo in Silay City : A Review


On a scorching day in Silay City, my friends CG Hisona, an officer of the City of Himamaylan LGU, Engiemar Tupas from the DTI, Mark Canieso, and I sought relief from the heat after visiting the picturesque Patag, Silay City. It was around 2 in the afternoon, and the sun beat down relentlessly. Recalling the buzz about Calle Luna’s halo-halo, located on Plaridel-Antonio Luna St., we decided to give it a try.

The Setting of Calle Luna (Halo-halo)

As we approached Calle Luna, nestled within a house building, its identity as a restaurant wasn’t immediately apparent. The front was concealed behind a dark cloth, and the roofing was draped with tent material. Despite this initial confusion, the restaurant’s presence became evident upon closer inspection. The extended frontage created a seating area, shielded by the durable tarpaulin tent material. While effective in providing shade from the intense sun, this setup also trapped heat, resulting in a warmer dining atmosphere. We were disappointed immediately with the temperature, as the limited ventilation posed a challenge, especially for those sensitive to high temperatures, as the still air offered little relief from the sweltering heat outside.

Despite Engiemar’s protests to just take out the halo-halo, he didn’t win the voting process. So, there we were, dining beside the street. To add salt to his wound, CG reminded him of the time his box of jewelry was stolen, making the situation more amusing. Engiemar’s expression was priceless as if he couldn’t believe he lost the argument and ended up dining al fresco.

The Experience at Calle Luna (Halo-halo)

To seek relief from the oppressive heat, we placed our order and retreated to the shade across the street, under the comforting canopy of a tree. Mark graciously stayed behind to collect our order, and as soon as it arrived, we eagerly retrieved our glasses and indulged in our halo-halo outside. Despite Engiemar’s grumbling about the dust stirred up by passing vehicles, we found the outdoor seating far preferable to the stifling interior. Our seating was graciously facilitated by the owner of a nearby motorcycle repair shop, who offered us two chairs, promptly claimed by CG and Engiemar.

Calle Luna Halo-halo in Silay City : A Review


The Halo-halo of Calle Luna

Opting for Calle Luna’s signature super special halo-halo, we indulged in a delightful assortment of flavors. Their original creation boasted a mix of candied banana, corn, buko, gelatin, fresh mango, ube ha, caramel syrup, milky ice, leche flan, grated cheese, and ice cream. Their innovative approach to ice, crafted using a unique formula and shaved for the halo-halo, set it apart from the traditional version. While the flavors were rich and satisfying, the ice’s high sugar content made it challenging to adjust the sweetness to our liking. Additionally, the relatively smaller amount of ice meant that the ingredients melted quickly, urging us to savor each spoonful swiftly. Despite the novel approach, we found ourselves yearning for the traditional halo-halo made with plain ice, allowing us to control the sweetness and enjoy a more familiar taste.

Calle Luna Halo-halo

We laughed at the situation, finding joy in our impromptu street-side dining experience instead of relaxing while enjoying the halo-halo. Looking at Engiemar’s face, he couldn’t hide his true feelings, as if he was reminded of the first time his heart was broken.

Suggestions for the Management of Calle Luna (Halo-halo)

Enhanced Ventilation: Improving ventilation is crucial to ensure a comfortable dining experience. The current lack of airflow makes it challenging to enjoy even a refreshing halo-halo in such high temperatures.

Insulation: Enhancing insulation on the roofing can help maintain a cooler environment inside the restaurant. This can be achieved by using insulating materials or upgrading the roofing structure to better regulate temperature and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for diners.

Suggestions for the Customers

Strategic Visits: Consider visiting Calle Luna earlier in the day or later in the afternoon to avoid the peak heat hours. This way, you can enjoy your halo-halo in a more comfortable setting.

Delivery and Takeout: If you live in Silay or have access to delivery services, consider having your halo-halo delivered to your home or another location where you can enjoy it in a more relaxed environment. Alternatively, opt for takeout and enjoy your halo-halo elsewhere.


Our visit to Calle Luna for halo-halo provided a welcome respite from Silay City’s heat. However, the restaurant’s lack of proper ventilation was noticeable, affecting the overall dining experience. To make the most of a visit, we suggest arriving early or later in the afternoon to avoid the peak heat or consider delivery or takeout options. Improving ventilation could greatly enhance the dining experience at Calle Luna.

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  1. Yep! What they have is halo-halo is a twist. Though it may still be refreshing, but if one wants the traditional halo-halo flavors, you can find that in other places like Quan.

  2. Yum yum hay kainit gd. Halo-halo na lang ta ni

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