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Bicol Express by Quan Delicacies

Bicol Express by Quan Delicacies

Mouth-Watering Bicol Express

The Philippines is known for various tongue-satisfier that makes travelers want to come back again in this country. And one of these reasons is Bicol Express. This food is delicious comfort food that many Filipinos love to eat. It is made of pork cubes, coconut milk, and chili pepper. If you want to know its taste, try buying it in different carinderias or even restaurants around the Philippines.

It is said that Bicol Express came from the train service from Manila to Bicol. However, it remained as a trademark of Bicol for their spicy culinary style that made the Bicol Express so spicy that you cannot even feel your tongue while still eating it. The version of Bicol Express is innovating as time passes by. These days, some households or culinary professionals are doing modifications like adding fruits and vegetables. The chili they are using is also being controlled; they remove the seeds or lessen the amount that they are putting on the dish.

Bicol Express by Quan Delicacies

Bicol Express by Quan Delicacies


The origin of this dish is still a mystery. That’s why many versions of the story came out. One of these is that Cely Kalaw opened up the Filipinos’ eyes through this dish. It was said that she was exposed to the spicy dishes of the Bicol when she visited Naga. Another story came out. It was noted that the dish came from the original recipe of the Bicolanos. Despite having several stories behind the creation of the Bicol Express, people still adore its taste despite different innovations made from it.

Bicol Express by Quan Delicacies

Traditional Version

It is quite distinct from the cuisines found in different localities in the Philippines. Bicol Express is a rich, creamy, spicy, and delicious meal. It can be observed that it is “untouched” by Spanish and Chinese culture. The ingredients of the traditional Bicol Express abound in the Philippines, and it is healthy. It may sound like it has an American influence, but it is a purely Filipino dish made of taro leaves, chili, and coconut cream.

Quan Delicacies’ Bicol Express in Bacolod City

If you are visiting Bacolod City, Philippines, one of the places offering this dish is the Quan Delicacies. The place is known for its Filipino Kakanin, Native Delicacies, and other Filipino Foods and Dishes.

Quan has numerous dishes on ready-to-go canisters that you can reheat back home. What I like about the version of Quan is that apart from its great taste, it is prepared well with utmost concern about sanitation. Not only that, but their prices are also so reasonable. You will enjoy visiting and dining at this place without hurting your pocket.  

You can visit or call Quan Delicacies at the number printed below:

Nutritional Content 

According to, in 246g of this dish, you will have 307 calories, 13g of carbohydrates, 19g of fats, and 21g of protein. It is good food for those who love cycling, running, and other sports. Bicol Express is a good source of protein in the diet.

I hope the information above helps you travel here in the Philippines. This dish is truly unforgettable, especially if it suits your taste buds. Well, it is just easy to cook. If you want others to taste it, use the cooking guide above to satisfy their cravings for spicy dishes.  

Bicol Express by Quan Delicacies

Bicol Express by Quan Delicacies

Bicol Express Recipe

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