Campuestohan Highland Resort

Campuestohan Highland Resort

Campuestohan Highland Resort Travel Guide

Located on the boundaries of two cities, Bacolod and Talisay. With the vast area covered by the resort, numerous activities can be perfect for both kids and kids at heart. So, here is the list of the things that can be done at this attraction in Talisay, Negros Occidental. Here are the things that you can do in this resort. 

Campuestohan Highland Resort

Campuestohan Highland Resort Accommodations and Rates

Since I assume you are planning to stay for a couple of days or more, knowing that the resort offers excellent accommodation rooms like the themed rooms will be exciting news for you. Now, no need for you to worry because the place has rooms where you can soundly sleep and rest. 

Campuestohan Highland Resort

Campuestohan Highland Resort Things to Do

Children’s Playground

Let your kids wonder and enjoy the playground. The place has almost everything that must be part of the children’s enjoyment. So, let them run free and enjoy your stay here to the fullest! 

Dino Park

The Dino Park offers you the chance to enjoy the surrounding green environment while enjoying the themed-like park. I am sure your kids will be in bliss as they freely roam the park. 

talisay attraction

Campuestohan Highland Resort

Photo Services

Since lots of photo-perfect figures and environments surround the place, it is also ideal for taking some photoshoot services. Let your kids do wacky and fun poses as the photographer takes fantastic photos. 

King Kong

King kong themed rooms? Yes, these are also available in this resort. Not only is it creative, but these rooms are also equipped with facilities and amenities that kids and adults could enjoy.

talisay attraction

Campuestohan Highland Resort


There are numerous rides that you can try at the place. These include Grand Carousel, Sky Bicycle, Mini Train, Zipline, Cable Hamster Wheel, and Rope course. So, if you want to stretch and engage more in physical activities, these would surely give you tons of laughter, enjoyment, and memories to keep. 


Now, time for a more relaxing part. May it be a Thai massage, Swedish, or Ventosa, the spa available in the resort will be more than willing to let you make a reservation and try their very relaxing massage services. 

talisay attraction

Campuestohan Highland Resort

Swimming Pool

As a resort, they ensured they would provide every guest with a full experience. This includes world-class swimming pools for kids and adults. Mind you, these are not just small swimming pools since these are also equipped with slides to add to the adventure. 

Food hunting

Whether it be the full-blown meal you are after or just the coffee type or ice cream for kids, the Campuestohan Highland Resort has these facilities to satisfy your needs. They have the pavilion’s restaurant, coffee shop, and an ice cream parlor. So, whatever kind of cravings you may have, this place got your back. 

This beautiful resort will be more willing to accommodate you and all your wishes! So, come here and enjoy to the fullest!  

Campuestohan Highland Resort

How to Get to Campuestohan Highland Resort

Address: Sitio Campuestohan Barangay, Talisay City, 6115 Negros Occidental

 Phone: 0917 300 5007

A shuttle service is available daily for people who want to visit the place. 

One-way fare -Php 70.00/person  

Contact Number: 09985414231

Proceed to the loading and drop-off point at Imart-Caltex East, located across Lopue’s East. It would be easy to identify the vans as they have the resort’s logo.

Daily Transport Schedules

Bacolod to Resort 

Morning Schedules: 7:00,8:00,9:00,10:00,11:00 

Afternoon Schedules: 1:00, 2:00,3:00

Resort to Bacolod

Morning Schedules: 8:00, 9:00:10:00, 11:00   

Afternoon Schedules: 1:00, 2:00,3:00, 4:00, 5:00

Campuestohan Highland Resort

Campuestohan Highland Resort

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  1. Lezel G. Dagudog

    You were hired as a Training Consultant of Campuestohan highland resort for their old and new employees. Given the features mentioned in the article, what would be the possible content of your training program?

    The possible content of my training program if I would be hired as a Training Consultant of Campuestuhan highland resort for the old and new employees are the safety and security of both the employees and the customers or the clients, the delegation of responsibilities for each employee, enough knowledge of the business of the resort, the price of the accommodation, food, the spa, and the rides, daily report of the happenings (behavior, views and comments) of the customers, the proper attitude when talking to the guests, attitude, honesty, and cleanliness.

  2. Joji Ivan Juesna

    Given the features of the resort, I would include a team building activity such as an adventure race utilizing the outdoor adventure rides. The activity will give the employees a chance to experience this feature of the resort and will be able to relate their experience to the clients and also give feedback to the management for ways to improve the facility. Also through this activity the communication skills of the staff is tested and enhanced. I would also recommend a simulation of a “day trip” and “over night” activity, in which several employees will act as a “day trip & overnight” tourist in which they will use the several amenities of the resort. Set up possible scenarios and test the skills of the staffs on duty on how they accommodate and respond to the tourist’ needs. The employees acting as tourists gets to experience the resort’s facilities and services, in which they can see the resort in the clients perspective and provide valuable insights on ways to improve the facilities and the quality of client service provided by the management.

  3. If given a chance to be designated as training consultant of the said resort, I would like to emphasize what should be our purpose why we need to promote and establish a good relationship between employees and customers. Is it for the resort beneficial or for the whole organization? I would like to stress out primarily the services and amenities that the resort offers and everyone is open to give suggestions and site their concerns if possible. I will establish certain training programs like customer satisfaction training and career development training so that time will come, they could serve customers dependently especially foreigners. In that way, employees could compete and give the desired means of every customer every time for accommodation.

  4. Jermond O. Juesna

    Campuestohan, being marketed as a resort, recreation as well as a theme park, it would be appropriate that the personnel working here would be knowledgeable in guest services and accommodation.

    First of all, due to the size and facilities that the resort offers, all personnel should undergo a safety training which would include: basic first aid, fire drills, earthquake drills, probably basic water rescue training especially for personnel assigned in the water features as well as those facilities surrounding it.

    Another possible training that the resort personnel could be for is hospitality training which would enhance the employees services to the incoming guests. This kind of training should also not be limited to those personnel attending the guests. Some basic hospitality practices and gestures can be incorporated to all employees since guests are free to roam the resort and they’re more likely to interact with a random employee, may it be a utility or maintenance personnel. This could be a plus factor for the resort to have employees that are able to handle guests properly regardless of their work.

    In addition it is also beneficial to have employees to have a somewhat cross cultural training since there are already local as well as international tourists that come here in the island and their primary destination is Campuestohan Highland Resort.

  5. Myrly V. Cabrera

    Training programs for employees are essential in maintaining its good status quo and aiming to be on top among the competitors. Rigorous planning with strategic procedures will ensure its success on time. As a Training Consultant of Campuestohan Highland Resort, the possible contents of my training program are the following:

    Conduct regular meetings. Advise the managers to conduct regular meetings per department on different levels. Here, an open forum will reinforce the tasks assigned to everyone through feedbacking among employees. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will enable them to perform better. Announcing and discussing important matters and the changes that will take place can be done here.

    Provide training. As a Training Consultant, I can conduct training for the employees, provided I am experienced and specialized in this aspect. Transferring knowledge and duplicating myself is facile without questions. However, an outside trainer can also be an option for a better outcome. This will ensure that employees are up-to-date in business trends and utilizing new technology in managing the company.

    Scrutinize employees’ status and documents. Since there are diversities among employees, their level of intelligence and experiences vary. Evaluating their performance, particularly the old employees will eventually help the management determine the employees that need promotion, salary increase, and retrain. The said benefits and privileges will make the employees boost their confidence and be motivated to perform better. For the employees, on the other hand, that will need retraining, this is a chance for them to be reoriented and prepare themselves for the new challenges in their jobs.

    Campaign and advertise. No wonder how Campuestohan Highland Resort gained its reputation as one of the best tourists destinations. With affordable rates and satisfactory accommodation, people keep coming back and highly recommend it to their friends, colleagues, and relatives. However, competition is never-ending, as new businesses and tourists destinations have evolved and built. One key is better promotional strategies. Advising and teaching the staff to have a theme every month is a better business strategy. Updating their business websites is necessary to encourage patronage and even the first-timers. Flyers and leaflets that are available upon entering the place could be a great help. Giving them away in different locations in the province as means of promotion is also a good practice.

    There are no perfect plans and actions when it comes to business strategies. Life is a constant change. The demands and trends in the business world do change. Technology evolves and advances, aiming to give what consumers need and want, especially in leisure and pleasure. Solving the problems vary on a case-to-case basis. Training consultants are just instruments. Thus, employees should work hand in hand to ensure the company’s success and to stay on the top.

  6. Ronie T. Linas

    The training should include the mission, vision and clear objectives of the company and should be effectively carried out during the training. In my own point of view based on this article here is the content I considered on my training program.
    Safety first training should be done. Safety is always a priority, the law also provides rules as stated in IRR 11058 “ an act strengthening compliance with occupational safety standards and providing penalties for violations” in my opinion the safety training will contain compliance and it should be clear to all employees in accordance with the mandated law. Safety of the customer should also be prioritized, all employees should learn how to address untoward incidents that may occur inside the resort. Safety signs should be clear and observed during their stay like social distancing, wearing of face masks since we are in a pandemic situation.
    Good customer service training should be carried out. Customers patronize a company if they are satisfied by the service that is offered. In this training program, it will challenge employees to think about possible problem experiences by customers and how they are going to address them satisfactorily and how they are going to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. employees should also learn how to deal with rude, angry, unsatisfied customers. They also always wear a smile despite difficult situations.
    Amenities and services offered training. All employees should be aware and knowledgeable and should be able to demonstrate accurately on how customers are going to avail all company amenities and enjoy the leisure and comfort and happiness during their stay.

  7. Mary Rose S. Tubid

    Campuestuhan Highland Resort is one of the best places in Negros Occidental. It offers an extraordinary experience for those who love adventure and fantastic surroundings. The various design of world-class swimming pools satisfies each visitor. Also, they have different adventure rides that both children and adults would love. Aside from that, the resort provides jobs for the residence of the said province. This kind of business offers a memorable experience for both employees and clients. As their training consultant, I will include diverse content for my new and old employees’ training to make them efficient and effective at work.

    For me, the new and old employees should attend some of the training together. The tenure employees may share their experiences with the new ones. Also, it will help to refresh the knowledge and skills of the experienced employees.

    The content of my training will have three parts. Those are the lecture, demonstration, and application. The discussion will provide understanding about the services, policies, and culture of the resort. It includes the familiarization of all the whereabouts of the resort. It comprises the entrance fees, rides, room rates, cottages rates, the location of every spot, and others. The second part will illustrate the proper way to deal with the clients. They will observe the procedures applied in varied activities and the accidents that possibly happen for not following. Lastly, they will have a chance to experience the fun while having the training by role-playing. It is to verify if they understood the process very well. They will do the proper way of wearing the harness, suitable positions, and explain the do and the don’ts while having activities. Furthermore, there will be a group activity to see those potential leaders and talented employees as well. These things will help to bridge the gap and identify the skills of each employee.

    A training consultant should be good at identifying the skills and knowledge gaps of each employee. They should develop instructional materials and be responsible for organizing the learning activities. Therefore, they should know the flow and process of the different tasks inside the organization. Moreover, they have to understand the needs of their present and future clients. These will help them think of various training methods, coaching, and other activities that will lead them to play their roles successfully.

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