Token of Gratitude and Citation | LCC Alumni Association, Inc.


Token of Gratitude and Citation | LCC Alumni Association, Inc.

Token of Gratitude and Citation Awardees

A Heart Full of Gratitude: My Journey as an Awardee at LCC Bacolod | Token of Gratitude and Citation

I am pleased to share the wonderful news that I recently received a Token of Gratitude and Citation from the LCC Alumni Association. It is a distinct honor to have been chosen for this recognition, and I want to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for this meaningful gesture.

Allow me to reflect on this exceptional journey and thank you for this remarkable recognition.

Token of Gratitude and Citation | LCC Alumni Association, Inc.

Token of Gratitude and Citation Awardees and alumni

The Beginning of a Beautiful Tradition  

The story behind these Tokens of Gratitude is inspiring. It all started when the Alumni Association decided to acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated service of teachers at LCC Bacolod. These educators imparted knowledge and indelibly impacted students’ lives, contributing significantly to their growth and development. The initiative was a way to show appreciation to these remarkable individuals while they were still with us, recognizing their unwavering commitment to the institution and the community.

This year, the recognition has expanded to encompass not only teachers but also administrative and service staff, as well as heads of the institution. This expansion signifies the institution’s commitment to acknowledging and celebrating excellence across various roles within LCC Bacolod.


The Criteria that Touched My Heart | Token of Gratitude and Citation

The criteria for this recognition touched my heart, as they reflected the qualities and values I have always held dear. To be considered for this honor, one must have:

  1. Years of Dedication: At least five years of service at LCC Bacolod, demonstrating commitment and loyalty to the institution.
  2. Impact on Lives: The nominee should have significantly influenced the intellectual, moral, social, and spiritual growth of students, thereby uplifting the community.
  3. Contributions to School Reputation: Token of Gratitude and Citation Awardees should have played a pivotal role in enhancing the honor, prestige, and reputation of LCC Bacolod in their respective fields.
  4. Dedication and Integrity: The criterion of unwavering loyalty, commitment, and moral integrity resonated deeply with me, as these are values I’ve always strived to uphold.
  5. Inclusivity: It’s also heartening to know that non-alumni of LCC are eligible for this recognition, provided they meet the stringent criteria.

Token of Gratitude and Citation | LCC Alumni Association, Inc.


An Emotional Journey  | Token of Gratitude and Citation

Receiving this Token of Gratitude was an emotional journey for me. It was an acknowledgment of my service and a validation of my values. It signified that the impact I aimed to make in the lives of students and the community had not gone unnoticed.

Dr. Carmen Menes, your tenure as the Department Chair of Commerce coincided with my arrival at LCC. Dr. Ditas Joson, our first lay VPAA, marked a significant chapter in our institution’s history, and I’m grateful to have witnessed it. I remember it clearly; your promotion to the office of VPAA paved the way for me to enter the school, as I assumed your subjects during those times.

To my esteemed former Deans at the School of Business and Information Technology—Atty. Arturo Tondo, Dr. Bob Damasco, Dr. Nenette Padilla, and Mr. Joel Balidio—your leadership has left an indelible mark on me, and I sincerely appreciate your shared wisdom. A special thank you goes to Dr. Ditas Joson, our former Dean of the graduate school, whose enduring friendship and enjoyable working relationship have been a true blessing. Dr. Lei Lani Dusaban, you’ve been a program head, and my travel buddy, and I’m grateful for the camaraderie we’ve shared.

To Ms. Butch Gerasmo, I have a hunch that you may have had a hand in nominating me for the Token of Gratitude and Citation, and for that, I’m genuinely thankful. Our school President, Sr. Joan Brigida Corazon S. Infante, OSA, and our present Graduate School Dean, Dr. Ramon Ponce de Leon, have been instrumental in shaping the spirit of our institution, and I’m deeply honored to share this recognition with them.

I enjoyed seeing Mr. Rodjhun Navarro and Ms. Cookie Sanicas again during the awarding ceremonies. While we seldom have the chance to meet face-to-face, I sincerely appreciate the shared experiences we had in the past.

My heart swells with pride because it’s not every day that I receive such a meaningful recognition to the LCC Alumni Association, led by President Atty. Thank you for remembering me, Benilda Abrasia-Tejada, and the Awards Committee. This Token of Gratitude fills me with immense pride. It symbolizes my journey at LCC Bacolod and the meaningful connections I’ve forged. Your acknowledgment warms my heart and reinforces the sense of purpose and commitment that drives individuals like me to contribute to our beloved institution. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Token of Gratitude and Citation | LCC Alumni Association, Inc.

Token of Gratitude and Citation

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