Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Discovering Pattaya, Thailand | Things to Do

Thailand is the center of combined traditional and modern opportunities. It has numerous temples, shopping malls, and everything in between. Thus, the place has everything one may look for in one way or another. Pattaya, as another part of the country, also holds various activities and places to enjoy. In this write-up, let us talk about Pattaya and all the things that it has to offer.

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand | Tourist Spots 

The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is one of the most beautiful structures in Pattaya. The magnificent wooden structure is a hybrid of a castle and a temple. The Sanctuary of Truth is built of quality wood and is a composition of intricate sculptures that bring any guest in awe.

Anek Kusala Sala

Artworks from the past, both from the Chinese and Thai cultures, are found in this place. Come here and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the displays. After all, a touch of art on a trip is a good idea.

International Music Festival

Some music and chill time? Heading to International Music Festival will give you the music and the fun that you want. Enjoy the moment and meet new friends in the area who shares the same music passion with you.

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Khao Phra Tamnak

Now, if you are up for some forest-like trip, this place is the right place to go. The trees, the plants, the environment, everything is green. This allows you to get a bunch of fresh breath.

Flight Of The Gibbon

Outdoor activities like zipline, hiking, and a lot more are offered in the Flight Of The Gibbon. As a family, you will surely find your stay here a pleasant and enjoyable one. Prepare your body for a day of active activities.

Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

Themed water park will make the kids and kids at heart enjoy it! The Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park, with its pools and activities reserved for everyone, will give you a fantastic summer vibe.

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Koh Larn

Beach bums will find this place extremely fun. Its paradise features such as fine sand, crystal clear waters, palm trees, and very comfortable accommodation will satisfy any tourists’ needs.

Mini Siam And Mini Europe

A garden filled with a miniature of the ancient Siam or Thailand, as well as the miniature of Europe. Yes, be fascinated by these creative works and be inspired by your next possible tourist destination.

Cooking Class

Learning something from a trip is a good idea. Well, one of the areas which you may explore is cooking. Explore the traditional way of preparing authentic Thai food through the available cooking class.


Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

The landscape, flowers, and trees available in this tropical garden are precious. Imagine the photo opportunity they could provide as well as the tons of fun opportunities. Just sit around and enjoy the interesting place.

Art in Paradise

Explore the artistic side of the place by visiting Art Paradise. The galleries on display, along with the architectural structure of the building itself, will leave you speechless. Nourish your artistic side by heading to this place.

Pattaya Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Pattaya, just like Thailand, is gifted with lots of elephants. In this place, you will be able to see the natural habitat of elephants. So, bringing your kids here as a way of an educational trip is a good idea.

Floating Market

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Floating Market

Shopping while riding a boat sounds a fun idea. With the number of floating markets in Thailand, Pattaya floating market is a way to experience the traditional way of shopping while enjoying the view.

Mum Aroi

Mum Aroi is another fishing village in the place. A lot of famous restaurants are in the area. If you are up for some food trip for any cuisine, especially if it involves some seafood. These will be served very fresh and sumptuous.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

This place will immerse you into the world of wonders of science. Experiments, discoveries, and everything on exhibit here will fascinate you and attract you to be more involved in the world of science.

Ban Amphur Beach

Ban Amphur Beach, as a quiet fishing village, offers a variety of activities. This includes seafood hunting for the palatable dish, collecting shells, and even some swimming adventure. Whatever idea you have, the place is perfect.

Tequila Reef

Some night drink or just a cup of margarita will be perfect in Tequila Reef. The specialty of drinks offered here comes very handily, head here, order, and enjoy your drink. Who knows? This might just become your favorite place in the area.

Tiffany’s Cabaret

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Tiffany’s Cabaret

World-class entertainment is given through the performances of the experts from Tiffany’s Cabaret. Come here, take your seat, and enjoy the spectacular show.

Mae Sai Thong

The specialty of this place is the traditional mango sticky rice, a sticky mango cooked with coconut, and paired with lovely mango. The fame of this conventional Thai food won’t speak for its actual delicious taste.

Walking Street

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Walking Street

A long road is teeming with clubs and bars. The night is just starting, and it is time for you to party and enjoy the lively environment of the walking street. Who knows? You might meet new acquaintances in the area.

Central Festival

Shopping spree at its finest is what the Central Festival could offer for you. Bring your money for shopping, choose your items, bargain with the price, and go home, bringing lots of good things with you!

Khao Chi Chan

Khao Chi Chan is where the Buddha Mountain is situated. In this place, you will see the scenic engraved image of Buddha in the mountain. This was commissioned back in 1996 through laser as a part of the King’s 50th year as the leader of the land.

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Wat Phra Khao Yai

Hill climbing is an excellent form of exercise, not to mention, you will see the Big Buddha hill. As one of the top tourist destinations in the place, except that the site will have several hikers who would also want to join the activity.

Leng Kee

Are you in for some Chinese cuisine? Heading to Leng Kee and get a taste of your favorite Chinese dish! May it be the soup, noodle, or anything, they have it all for you. Enjoy the food while it is hot!

Pattaya is a complete package in terms of places to visit and food to enjoy. In my own opinion, this place will continue to develop in the years to come.

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

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