Melkens Seafood Restaurant | Balaring, Silay City

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Melkens Seafood Restaurant | Balaring, Silay City

Melkens Seafood Restaurant 

Melkens Seafood Restaurant: A Culinary Journey in Balaring, Silay City

On a Sunday that beckoned with the promise of adventure, CG Hisona graciously picked me up from home, embarking on a quest for a seafood feast. Our next stop was Lei Lani’s residence, where she eagerly joined our gastronomic voyage. The destination? Balaring in Silay City, is renowned for its delectable array of seafood offerings.

Internet Signal Shadows: An Unexpected Digital Detox at Melkens Seafood Restaurant

As the day unfolded, I had an online meeting on the agenda. Silay City, although not a great distance from Bacolod, presented an unexpected challenge – the elusive signal. In Balaring, the digital realm seemed a distant dream, with even Facebook refusing to load. However, with the promise of a sumptuous seafood meal before us, I decided to relinquish my concerns, trusting that the day’s culinary journey would overshadow any digital detours.

The Trusty Steed: CG Hisona’s New Car

For this excursion, we relied on CG Hisona’s new car, a reliable companion for our culinary adventures. Its smooth ride and comfortable interiors set the stage for a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and, of course, delectable seafood.

Melkens Seafood House: Where Service Meets Speed

Amidst a cluster of seafood eateries, Melkens Seafood House stood out as a beacon of efficient service. Drawing from past experiences, we placed our trust in this establishment, confident that it would deliver on both taste and speed. Lei Lani and CG took charge of the ordering, ensuring a diverse selection that would cater to our collective cravings.

Melkens Seafood Restaurant | Balaring, Silay City

The Sea’s Bounty at Melkens Seafood Restaurant

Our selection featured an array of ocean treasures: succulent oysters (Talaba), blue marlin,  crabs, stuffed squid, fish sinigang, and buttered shrimp. As the rain gently tapped the windows, the oysters’ flavors seemed a tad subdued, a common trait during inclement weather. The crabs, a highlight of any seafood expedition, were a mix of genders, with the sought-after female ones gracing our table. Steamed to perfection, they elicited contented smiles from CG and Lei Lani.


Stuffed Squid: A Buttered Delight

The stuffed squid, a marriage of buttery goodness and tender calamari, emerged as a flavorful revelation. The butter’s richness complemented the natural sweetness of the squid, creating a harmonious blend of taste and texture.

Melkens Seafood Restaurant | Balaring, Silay City


Fish Sinigang: Comfort in a Bowl

The fish sinigang, a comforting Filipino soup, met our exacting standards. Its tangy broth, punctuated with an assortment of vegetables, offered a warm embrace to our taste buds, providing a delightful contrast to the other dishes.


Buttered Shrimp: A Sweet Symphony

The buttered shrimp, however, flirted with the line of sweetness, with a touch more saccharine notes than anticipated. While the flavor was enjoyable, a more restrained hand with the sweetness and a richer butter profile would have elevated the dish.


Melkens Seafood Restaurant | Service with a Smile 

The staff at Melkens Seafood Restaurant embodied the essence of excellent service. Our assigned waiter exuded warmth and attentiveness, ensuring our needs were met promptly and with a smile. Arriving early worked to our advantage, as the dishes arrived swiftly, setting the stage for a leisurely lunch.

Melkens Seafood Restaurant | Beyond the Palate 

Melkens Seafood Restaurant not only satiates the appetite but also pleases the eye. The sea view, unmarred by the detritus that often plagues coastal areas, offered a serene backdrop to our meal. While the parking area in front was modest, a helpful attendant facilitated the process, exemplifying their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Melkens Seafood Restaurant | Balaring, Silay City

A Lunchtime Tapestry of Conversations and Connections at Melkens Seafood Restaurant

As our plates gradually emptied, we found ourselves immersed in a tapestry of conversations. Laughter echoed through the air, intertwining with the scent of the sea and the symphony of flavors. It was a moment to savor – a reminder that the true essence of a meal lies not only in the taste but in the shared experiences it fosters.

Melken’s Seafood Restaurant in Balaring, Silay City, transcends the label of a dining establishment. It is a haven for seafood enthusiasts, a sanctuary for friends, and a testament to the joys of communal dining. Our lunch was more than a meal; it was an experience woven with laughter, camaraderie, and the simple pleasure of savoring good food in even better company.

Address: Melkens Seafood Restaurant, Balaring, Silay City, Philippines.

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Melkens Seafood Restaurant | Balaring, Silay City

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