Manjuyod White Sandbar

Manjuyod White Sandbar

Manjuyod White Sandbar Adventure

Dubbed the “Maldives of the Philippines,” the Manjuyod Sandbar is undeniably one of the country’s most scenic and astonishing beach destinations. If you plan to go here and experience everything the place offers, this article is a detailed guide.

General Reminders When Visiting Manjuyod White Sandbar

  1. Monitor the weather days before your trip and seek information coming from the place of the possible cancellation announcements. Doing this lets you visit the area without worrying about the risks and hassles of trip cancellation.
  2. Identify which specific entry port you are going to use. They have the Bais Port and the Manjuyod Port. Seek the guidance of the booking agency or the boatmen for the specific port.
  3. Booking a boat for further exploration and tourism in Bais is also available. You have to ask the agency or boatmen about it; they will be very willing to assist.
  4. I highly recommend bringing your food to cook in the sandbar since there are no available restaurants in the area. Boatmen and other locals would sell goods, but I would still suggest that you bring your food.
  5. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout your stay in the sandbar. Bring lots of potable water.
  6. Cottage for short stay and resting are available. But for those who prefer a much more comfortable stay, especially for an overnight stay, consult the tourism department of the area for availability.
  7. Don’t forget to bring your protective gear (sunscreen, food, hats, etc.)!

Manjuyod White Sandbar

Manjuyod White Sandbar

What is the best time to visit Manjuyod White Sandbar ?

Summer season! Not only that, you will get your perfect summer getaway and classic tan lines; visiting in the summer season will also mean there would be less chance of having the trips and tours canceled compared to during the rainy days. So, the months of February up to May are the perfect ones. I highly recommend the morning schedule, from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. This time, you will get to witness the beautiful dolphins. More so, checking the tide status forecast will also inform you about the perfect time to enjoy the sandbar.

pumpboat ride

Manjuyod White Sandbar

How to go to the Manjuyod White Sandbar

From Dumaguete City, you must either rent a car and drive or take the public bus heading to Bais City. The trip lasts for about an hour. Then, riding a boat from the Bais or Mandjuyod Port will take you to the beautiful sandbar.

Manjuyod White Sandbar

Manjuyod White Sandbar

Where to stay  

Ask the tourism department or the boatmen for the availability of overnight accommodations. Doing it in advance will give you a higher chance of getting a place to stay, especially during the summer, also considered the peak season.

Manjuyod White Sandbar

Manjuyod White Sandbar

Things to do at Manjuyod White Sandbar

  1. Marine Sanctuary

Situated between the Bais Port and the sandbar is the marine sanctuary. Bring your snorkeling gear and ask the boatman to take you to the shelter. As you do your snorkeling or even diving activity here, you will be surprised by the beauty of the underwater world. The school of fish, colorful corals, and everything in between will be enough to enchant you.

  1. Manjuyod Sandbar

Heading to the Manjuyod sandbar during low tide will allow you to see the beautiful 7-kilometer stretch of fine white sand and turquoise waters. Though waiting for the tide to go down may take some time, its scenic view is worth the wait. Plus, you may also get great photo shots.

Dolphin watching

Manjuyod White Sandbar

   3. Dolphin Watching

The natural and wild dolphins are shown based on their preference. This means that we cannot guarantee that there will be a specific time and area where you could see them. But as long as you are patient to wait and see these beautiful creatures begin jumping and dancing with the waves, you will surely be rewarded with a magnificent view.

  1. Olympia Island

You should go to this place during high tide so you won’t have to walk far from the shore to the island. In just about 15 15-minute boat ride from the sandbar, the natural beauty of Olympia Island will welcome you.

The Maldives of the Philippines or the Manjuyod White Sandbar, is here, waiting to be explored by tourists. The beauty, plus the natural environment it offers, will provide you with a much-needed summer getaway. Have fun!

Manjuyod White Sandbar

Manjuyod White Sandbar

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