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Asian Spices and Herbs

Asian Spices and Herbs

Discovering Asian Top Herbs and Spices

Asian cuisine is extraordinarily sumptuous and palatable. The diverse and varied taste that people can offer from this part of the globe makes it a hit to every visitor across the world. Aside from the fact that they are naturally good at cooking, another advantage is that they are gifted with a lot of possible herbs and spices. When these are added into a food, it beings a different level of taste sophistication, let us get to know the top common herbs and spices present in the Asian cuisine. 

 List of Top Asian Species and Herbs

1. Cloves

The combined sweet and savory taste of cloves makes it a hit not only in Asia but in America as well. Use it while cooking and remove it on the food when preparing surprises for the guests with the fantastic taste. 

Asian Spices and Herbs


Asian Spices and Herbs

2. Chili

Chilli is beneficial in adding some spice to any cuisine. It comes in varying colors, and each color has a different level of spice. Including it as a whole will have a much stronger taste, but removing its seed-like content can, in a way, decrease its strength. 

3. Chinese Chives

Chinese chives are usually used in preparing spring rolls and another stir-fry cuisine. It offers a juicy and refreshing taste that is perfect when paired with other sauce like vinegar or tomato sauce. 

Asian Spices and Herbs

Asian Spices and Herbs

4. Cinnamon

What makes cinnamon stand out is its unique taste and aroma. Aside from being used in preparing several dishes, it is also used in baking cakes, bread, and cookies. It brings a sweet and refreshing taste to any food it touches.

5. Cumin

Cumin comes in white and black color. With this variety, it also serves several purposes. One of which is being used as an inclusion in preparing a curry paste. It is better when it is roasted and grounded before usage. 

Asian Spices and Herbs

Asian Spices and Herbs

6. Curry Leaves

Indian cuisine is highly dependent on curry. May it be chicken, pork, beef, soup, or whatever it may be, they include curry! Its strong taste and scent are easy to identify and, at the same time, easy to add in any food preparation. 

7. Five-spice 

The combined powers of anise pepper, cassia, cloves, fennel seeds, and star anise produces a highly aromatic and refreshing taste to any food. Thus, it invites an enormous appetite. 

Asian Spices and Herbs

Asian Spices and Herbs

8. Fresh Coriander

The leaves of fresh coriander are commonly used in preparing Chinese, Indian, and Thai cuisine. Its unique taste as the inclusion or as a food decoration makes it suited to be part of any lavish meal. 

9. Ground Coriander

The dry-roasted seeds of ground coriander are used in preparing a lot of Asian dishes. Due to its great taste, it was able to establish a name and own popularity in the United States. 

Asian Spices and Herbs

Asian Spices and Herbs

10. Galangal

The dried form of galangal is usually included in Thai dishes. It is used in preparing food that features an aromatic and, at the same time, bitter taste. 

11. Kaffir Lime Leaves

Thai dishes are also infused with kaffir lime leaves. Others may opt for a shredded version of it because they use it as an inclusion in preparing paste or sauce. 

Asian Spices and Herbs

Asian Spices and Herbs

12. Ginger

Gingers are very famous! Purchasing it and including it in a dish is highly recommended in giving a refreshing spice in a meal. At the same time, those who would like to ease sore throat may also turn ginger into a tea. 

13. Golden Needles

As a tiger plant present in Chinese dishes, this plant is easily accessible in any grocery. To further get its unique taste, do not forget to soak it into hot water before using it in preparing any dish. 

Asian Spices and Herbs

Asian Spices and Herbs

14. Green Cardamon

This herb grows in tropical areas, but it originally came from the southern part of India. Using this one while cooking will give the dish a much palatable taste. But before serving, be sure to remove the cardamons. 

15. Nigella

As black cumin, nigella is usually present in Indian cuisine. Grinding the seeds and including it as a part of making Indian sauces is generally observed. 


Asian Spices and Herbs

16. Lemongrass

The citrus-like taste of lemongrass makes it ideal for preparing chicken and meat products. It removes the raw taste of the other ingredients, making it taste better and much cooked. Using this herb as a tea is also helpful in relieving sore throat. 

17. Seven-spice

Seven-spice or also known as the Japanese shichimi is very fragrant. It is made up of chilies, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, seaweed flakes, and tangerine peel. Blending all the ingredients and including ginger and Sancho pepper is also recommended. 


Asian Spices and Herbs

18. Turmeric

Both whole and ground anise are perfect to be used in preparing different dishes, but I usually see it being a garnish in barbecue chicken dish. This unique herb originated in China. 

19. Thai Basil

Basil leaves are used either as an inclusion to a dish or as a water purifier. Whatever it may be, its refreshing and juicy taste may be enjoyed in any of the two preparations. 


Asian Spices and Herbs

20. Turmeric

The distinct flavor of turmeric is used in preparing varied dishes as well as beverages. Its intense aroma paired with refreshing and soothing taste is the reason why a lot of people make use of it as a liquid consumable. 

21. Fenugreek 

Also known to be famous in Indian cuisine, the fenugreek is used in a variety of dishes. It may be served as a total inclusion of food or as a garnish. But whichever way it is served, it is still very edible. 

The Asian culture and tradition will continue to flourish for as long as these herbs and spices are used. The next time you taste Asian food, I am sure that it will be easier for you to identify the herbs or spices present in it.  

Asian Spices and Herbs

Asian Spices and Herbs

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