Cloth Face Masks

Cloth Face Masks

 Cloth Face Masks

The Background

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 are still rising around the globe. It is therefore recommended that everyone must wear a mask the moment they go out in public places.

As experts are reiterating, homemade facemasks will not keep people from getting contaminated with the virus. Rather, they are good tools in preventing the spread of the virus for those people who are sick, especially those that don’t know that they are asymptomatic.

Apart from using masks, it is still strongly recommended that everyone should never forget the value of social distancing, proper handwashing, and other available preventive measures.

 Wearing of Cloth Face Masks: Protecting Others, Not You

The use of face masks has been prevalent in China, where the first cluster of infection started. Other countries in Asia are also actively using the facemasks, whenever they go out in public. 

While many would prefer the use of hospital-grade surgical masks and microparticle-filtering N95 masks, the production of these became a challenge. It was therefore recommended that others should wear a cloth-made mask to give priority to the front liners and health workers.

In the U.S., where they have the biggest confirmed cases of COVID-19 ( as of this writing), experts started to advise the public to use masks as well.  

Cloth Face Masks

Cloth Face Masks

At the early onset of COVID-19, we are seeing and hearing even medical experts that wearing of masks are not necessary. However, studies proved that a significant number of individuals with no symptoms of the virus (asymptomatic) and pre-asymptomatic ( people who eventually develop symptoms can spread the virus to others before their symptoms manifest. 

  In the Philippines, where confirmed cases of COVID is also high, wearing of masks in public is mandatory. 

 Experts said that cloth mask alone would not help you from inhaling the microscopic particles of the virus. COVID-19 will go through a cloth and self-made masks or scarves. However, it will reduce the spread of depositing droplets on any surface and will, therefore, slow down the further spread of the virus. 

 Remain Vigilant 

Experts said that wearing of face masks might lead to a false sense of protection against the virus. It is still imperative to stay vigilant of other prevention protocols like proper handwashing, use of alcohol and sanitizers, social distancing, and staying at home whenever possible.  

Wearers of cloth masks should also remember the proper handling when using them. This includes washing (using detergents with bleach or bleach-like properties) and drying them properly after each use, not touching it without washing and sanitizing the hands, etc. 


Cloth Face Masks by Rush Order Tees

The Rush Order Tees is producing face masks made of jersey fabric. They produce the product with zero human touches. This ultra-soft one-piece face mask is ideal for daily use. It is breathable and comfortable. You can layer it and use two pieces of it if you like. 

This fits-all mask is designed with two ear holes to adjust and to follow the contour of your face.  

A portion of the sales of these masks will be given to the Philly Pledge COVID-19 Relief Fund. 

The masks are washable and reusable. The mask may curl after washing, but it can easily be stretch to return to its shape when worn.

How to Wear a Rush Order Tees Cloth Face Mask

1. Put the masks on your face following the nose flap pointing up. Please your ear through the slit.

2. Wrap your nose and mouth with the mask.

3. You can adjust the fit of the mask by choosing which slit to use. 

 You may place your order here: RUSH ORDER TEES   

Cloth Face Masks

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