Bohol Tourist Spots | Attractions

Bohol Tourist Spots | Attractions

Discovering the Wonders of Bohol | Tourist Spots and Attractions

I have always dreamt of experiencing a jungle life. I have the fascination of experiencing an “into the woods” vibe. Gladly, we also have our very own jungle in the country. Thus, offering tons of opportunities for wildlife photographers, nature lovers, and wanderers. In this article, we will explore the wilderness of Bohol, along with the things to experience in heading to this place. 

List of Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bohol Island

  1. Alona Blue Sailing Charters

A more expensive type of trip will include a yacht. In this activity, you will get to sail while enjoying sumptuous meals and dishes. Well, I have seen a lot of proposals in this kind of set-up, making it a very romantic activity to try. 

2. Bo’s Coffee Club

A dosage of caffeine can be done in the Bo’s Coffee Club. This company grows and cultivates its beans, making these super healthy and organic. Thus, the environmental projects of the coffee shop are as amazing as the coffee that they serve. 

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

3. Bamboo Hanging Bridge

A long hanging bamboo bridge will give you a very scenic view of the river at the bottom and the forest and rock formations on both sides. Though it may be a bit scary, especially for those who have a fear of heights, this is a must-try adventure. 

4. Bike Tour with Anda Adventures

Bikers will find this as a chance to explore and enjoy. Ride the bicycle and go through a forest track. Don’t worry because there will be a guide to help you navigate, making it much safe and comfortable. 

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

5. Blood Compact Monument

A more historical aspect of a Bohol adventure includes visiting the Blood Compact Monument. This features the covenant that happened between the Spaniards and the Filipino natives. 

6. Gerarda’s

A traditional Filipino food trip is what you are looking for? Then Gerarda will be very willing to serve you the authentic Filipino cuisine, encompassing almost all kitchen present in the archipelago of the country. 

7. Cathedral of San Jose

The coral-stone structure of the cathedral makes it architecturally beautiful. Not to mention, this is also one of the largest in the province. So, heading here and seeing how people do their religious activities is also a good idea. 

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

8. Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory

Different species of butterflies, caterpillars, centipedes, flowers, and spiders can be found in the Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory. In this place, the sky is the limit when it comes to the experience of being surrounded by a wide variety of flowers. Thus, making it a perfect spot for some photo sessions. 

9. Bohol Quality Mall

If you are looking for a much-local experience of shopping, then the Bohol Quality Mall is the place. They have here Filipino food, crafts, entertainment area, and a lot more. Buying something for the people back home in this place is very convenient. 

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

10. Chocolate Hills

Bumps of hills colored in green during rainy days and brown during the dry season. This natural land formation once became a part of the World’s Natural Wonders. Wherever your eyes set, there seem to be limitless bumps of hills. 

11. Dimiao Twin Waterfalls

The bright green water at the basin of these twin waterfalls makes it very Instagram worthy. At the same time, this is suited for those who would like to find solace in the middle of the forest while listening to the rush of waters. 

12. Hinagdanan Cave

The spiky ceiling of the cave might give you the eerie feeling, but this is safe. Well, you might want to enjoy the deep dark water at the bottom of the cave. Though it may also look scary, trust me when I say that this is a safe place. 


Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

13. Loboc River

There are wooden boats in the Loboc river offering their service of the cruise. The shallow part of the river will also serve as a swimming area for those who would like to try it. While doing so, you can also buy available food. Well, this seems to be a romantic activity since you get to explore the natural beauty of the place while dining. 

14. Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park

This adventure park holds several activities for all ages, but the best and the top one is the zipline. This allows you to see the scenic view of the chocolate hills as you run into the long zip line track. 

15. Cambuyo Rice Terraces

The Cambuyo rice terraces will give you a very naive kind of living vibe. Here, you can get to experience how the farmers cultivate the land. The beautiful farm sceneries will make you want to stay longer. 

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

16. Mahogany Forest

Take a tour in the vast mahogany forest by renting a motorbike. Enjoy the views of the tall trees as the cold fresh air embraces your body. This is an amazing way to explore the jungle side of the province. 

17. Mosia Cupcakes and Cookie Shop

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings by heading to the Mosia Cupcakes and Cookie Shop. Try their highly flavored cakes such as red velvet, caramel, cookies, and snickers. The comfy vibe of the dining area is very refreshing and relaxing for the diners. 

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

18. Night kayaking

The night kayaking activity will allow you to see everything just when the sun starts to get down. This includes the fireflies and all other creatures! Those who are quite adventurous will find this activity a fascinating and enjoyable one. 

19. River Paddle Boarding 

Paddleboarding will give you a much active nature immersion. As you do this, enjoy the lush green surrounding as you listen to the humming of the birds — no need to be worried because you’ll be given the complete gear to do the activity safely. 

20. Baclayon Church

The Baclayon Church or the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Parish Church is founded back in 1596. Now, it is already considered as a National Treasure due to its old age. The church looks mysteriously fascinating, making it suited for those inclined in history. 

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

21. Tarsier Conservatory

Of course, seeing the well-known tarsier (locally known as mamag) is also a must! Bohol is famous to be one of the most significant areas in the country where tarsiers are located. See their rich habitat, take amazing photos, and enjoy their presence. 

22. The Secret Waterfall

Heading to the Secret Waterfall may take some trekking and hiking, but as the unexplored and natural beauty of the place touches your sense of sight, I know that you will feel very accomplished. Enjoy the view and take some swimming activity into the basin of the waterfall. 

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

Bohol Tourist Spot | Attractions

23. Visit Panglao Island

A small bridge heading to the Panglao island will give you the much-needed beach and summer vibe. Do some swimming, sightseeing, or whatever your trip may be; this beautiful island will never disappoint you.

Bohol is just here, waiting to be explored and discovered. The next time you plan your vacation, don’t forget to consider this beautiful island. 

Bohol Tourist Spots | Attractions

Bohol Tourist Spots | Attractions

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  1. If i were given a chance to visit bohol i prefer to go in the Mahogany forest because me my self inspired of the ambiance of the scenery of trees and the fresh air that passing by and absolutely to the presence of the forest that sometimes it is like a nostalgic and dream like view. Furthermore, the value of Mahogany forest to the people whom visited this tourist destination. I guess that they felt peaceful because i think that while walking you’ll probably feel the nature and you can think some dreams that might come true. However, when the time comes that i will visit here my 1st goal is to document my travel and take some pictures and videos and absolutely take time to view some sceneries and realize some thoughts in my mind so that my self value will boost and identify some solution on what i’ve think ang probably will gain self esteem.

  2. Jasper P. Buenafe BSIT 2-F4

    Bohol is one of the tourist destination spot here in in the Philippines. Many visitors would take their photos on various sites to be posted in their social media accounts for their friends to see and admire. I think this kind of behavior shows value of appreciation and happiness and it is aesthetic. By appreciating something it gives you a smile on your face or being happy, so for me the visitors did appreciate the photos they took, and post it in social media. It shows how happy they are visiting the place and for their friend to admire it how beautiful the place was.

    If I am given a chance to visit bohol, I would like to visit The Chocolate Hills. As a citizen here in the Philippines living almost 19 years, I have already heard a lot about bohol and the chocolate hills, frankly speaking chocolate hills is one of my bucket list that I want to visit to. The reason why I want to visit the chocolate hills is that I want to experience, to see how beautiful the hills was and to witness the nature of Bohol chocolate hills. I will share my experience visiting chocolate hills to my family how it is nice there witnessing the scenery of chocolate hills and the beauty of it. Visiting Bohol chocolate hills, I also want to meet new people there, learn their culture and the value they have. I visit chocolate hills also to make a memory, that I can say it is a memorable experience that I made my one of my bucket list to visit chocolate hills.


  3. Gonzaga, Jovahnie B.

    Moral Values – Bohol is one of the most beautiful places here in our world. You can see here how much they love this place. They provide concern and are well cared for. The better the surroundings the more reliable the people. You can really feel the peace in the place and feel comfortable staying here. If I am given the opportunity to choose a tour I’ll choose bohol because It’s not all about the beauty of the place, It’s also all about how you treat it properly. I am more comfortable here because you will learn to respect the place more.

  4. Anro Pahilanga

    People who take pictures in Bohol and share them on social media for their friends to see. That, I believe, is an extrinsic value. They are sharing what they have accomplished in their lives, much like extrinsic worth. And if I had the opportunity to visit Bohol, I will go to Mahogany Forest. According to the report, you must rent a motorcycle before exploring the jungle. Taking a ride in a forest with fresh, cool air and big trees is a lot of joy, especially with your loved ones.

    -Anro Pahilanga BSIT 2M1


    Bohol us one of the greatest attraction of the Philippines with its chocolate Hills that are really eye catching. If I have the chance to visit Bohol, l will probably visit the most famous chocolate hills because there is no Bohol without it. I will really treasure the scenery since visiting a very good place is once in a lifetime. I will take pictures and try the food that the place best of and I will try every single activities that were surely enjoyable. Taking picture and posting it to every social media account was important to me since it will be keep as a memory to be treasured.

  6. Monalisa D. Bedrio BSIT 2F4

    I think this is aesthetic values when you upload a picture of yourself with the nature people will start to comment positive and negative about it other people can appreciate the beautiful of nature but others thinking that you are arrogant but the fact that they are jealous that you can do what you want but they can’t. If I will be given a opportunity to visit Bohol I will choose the Loboc river. I want to see the beautiful river and it’s crystal clear water. I want to swim and enjoy the fresh air I will document all the activities that I will do in this beautiful place. The attraction in the Loboc river is priceless I will go to the famous Busay Falls and bath under it. I want to experience the wooden boat and the foods that they serve. I love nature Loboc River is very natural I want to spend a week or a month I will enjoy every last minute when I grant the opportunity to go there.

  7. I think the kind of value that is appropriate for that statement is Aesthetic Value, because Bohol is a place where many tourists visit and go, especially the visitors would always take various pictures and post them to their social media account. And many people admire of how really beautiful it is the place of Bohol. Basically, aesthetic value is credited to a piece of artwork/nature for the reason of it’s beauty or other characteristics associated with aesthetic attractiveness.
    If I would given a chance to visit bohol, I will visit the panglao island in bohol because I love beach, beach gives me a peace of mind and a relaxing feeling.

  8. Laureano, Ely John B.

    People, in my opinion, take images of themselves while visiting a tourist site and post them on any social media platform for the typical reasons: to share with family and friends, to recall places, people, and things, and to get attention and boost their value. They take photographs since a single photograph is transient. A split second is all it takes to capture a moment in time. It is proof that the event occurred and has the capacity to evoke the sounds, odors, possibly a music playing in the background, and all the emotion felt at the time for years to come. Furthermore, it is an indication of a desire to get attention, which causes people to believe that it will raise their value. We are always drawn to those of better worth. We can’t deny that we despise it when our worth drops. The value concept pervades everything, from why we despise it when individuals use filters in our images to why everyone posts photos of their accomplishments. The finest thing is that we have the ability to change our value by becoming more valuable or useful to the community.
    If I have the opportunity to go to Bohol Island, the first tourist destination I will go to is the Tarsier Conservatory. I think that visiting the Tarsier Conservatory will provide me a wealth of educational possibilities. It can help me to learn vital skills and gain priceless knowledge about tarsiers. A trip to the conservatory will promote me to a healthy lifestyle while also engaging myself into nature. It’s the ideal trip destination in any period of time!

  9. Patricia Pendon BSIT2-M1

    People who post a photo on their social media of some various sites they visit have aesthetic value because they appreciate and admire the beauty of the surroundings where they visit. Not just the beauty but they want other people’s attention on what they post on social media and want them to be complimented.
    If I have a chance to visit Bohol, I want to go to the tarsier conservatory. Among the different tourist attractions in Bohol, this tarsier conservatory caught my attention because of my curiosity. I want to see the tarsier personally because I heard that they are very cute and small. My mom told me that the tarsier is only awake at night. In the daytime they are sleeping, if you want to take a picture on the tarsier make sure that your camera does not have a flash because they might get shocked and can cause them to be stressed. This will lead them to death. Bohol is the only place where tarsiers are located. I also heard that not just the tarsier should be appreciated but the place or surroundings are good for taking pictures. I hope I can go to Bohol with family and friends and spend time together.

  10. Hanna B. Montibon

    Bohol is indeed a great place full of wonders and admiring its beauty is an aesthetic value, for it gives us the satisfaction to watch and enjoy the pleasing view of that place.
    If I were to visit Bohol I would choose to go to the Cathedral of San Jose and get amaze with its beautiful architecture. Going to religious places such as cathedrals, gives me a sense of spiritual satisfaction. It is also amazing how people believe and value God. Cathedrals and churches are indeed great places to visit and with it’s unique and admirable architecture I will surely love to go to the San Jose Cathedral in Bohol.

    Hanna B. Montibon BSIT2M1

  11. Noel D. Ecang BSIT 2M1

    Bohol is a place that you where find in the Philippines and there are more tourist spots or places that you can go. There’s more visitors or foreigners visit in that place because of the beautiful places. Most of the people admire in that place they picture it and post in social media to show how beautiful and they appreciated on what God created. If I have a chance to go in Bohol, I wanna go in that places that you can find your peace of mind, you can relax, and to be happy.

  12. John Rey Gonzaga BSIT 2M1

    It is aesthetic kind of value because they take a picture from the place And posted in their social media account. Bohol is a very nice place when it comes to hang out with a family and friends, Because you feel the very nice view and good ambiance and looks like Instagramable. If I will be given a chance to visit Bohol I will choose the attraction of Loboc River floating restaurant, The Loboc River floating restaurant is a perfect way lunch get away of the family relatives friends to enjoy the floating river because the floating river offered the food eat all you can, and the meal was delicious and exquisitely plated, and having dancers, singers, guitarist performing at the floating restaurant of Loboc while Eating and enjoying the place. And I want to go to the mini zoo of Bohol to see the famous tarsier in Bohol and also the famous chocolate hills .

  13. Jeffrey F. Bagahansol BSIT 2M1

    People post on their social media to show their achievements in their pursuit on their life. Not everyone who posts on their social media brags that others want to show how happy they are with what they have. Give me the opportunity to visit the most beautiful attraction in the country that is Bohol. The first place I go is none other than the chocolate hills, because I want to be able to see how different it is and how natural it looks. Because it is our own that is included in one of the most beautiful sights in the world that will represent our very beautiful country. And as a Filipino, I am proud to witness the beauty of Bohol and show the rest to our fellow filipino who have never seen the beauty of Bohol.

  14. Mena M. Alolod BSIT 2F4

    Posting in social media is a way to be able to share their experiences in life before it’s became a memory. Those times when they visit Bohol, the happiness and fun that they experienced is a great opportunity and memories to remember in the future. Traveling in tourist spots and in relaxing places is a theraphy to relieve stress. Nothing to worry about just enjoy the view and have break about problems. Most of the people need those places to have peace of mind and fresh air to breathe.

    If I will be given a chance to visit the place of Bohol. I really want to visit the attraction of Chocolate Hills. As I remembered when I was in elementary days. Chocolate Hills is part of the best tourist spot in our country. I see it on Text books that about the nature, Chocolate Hills is the best attraction to visit. Hiking with friends while seeing beautiful views that so relaxing and will be enjoyed for sure. I know that when I am at the top of that Chocolate Hills All the tiring walks, will be paid off. Upon seeing those beautiful views those bumps of the hills it’s all worth it.


    This shows appreciation the beauty of nature. They visited the gift of nature and posted it in their social media because it is somehow a way of showing happiness in witnessing God’s great gift. To some people, it is an achievement because it is one of what they dream of. If I were to visit bohol, I will visit the chocolate hills. It is very famous because of it characteristics. It is one of my aspirations, visiting bohol is such an achievement. It is on my bucket list and it is fulfilling to achieve it. It is a famous landmark of Bohol and be able to go there is an unexplainable happiness.

  16. John Miguel L. Villa

    The value applied in these situation is aesthetic value. Aesthetic value is the value that relates to the beauty of a certain place, attitude, and behavior that people admire. The place that I want to visit in Bohol is the Tarsier Conservatory because, I really want to see the endangered animal which is the tarsier that can only be seen in the philippines.

  17. Maria Ennah G. Zamora

    Nowadays, in our digital age we are mostly digital dependent. Some might throw tantrums even if the wifi was out for a few seconds especially kids ands teenagers. Now the question is, why do tourists and visitors post pictures of their travel destinations on social media? Well there are numerous reasons why. First is, people admire beauty. And that beauty comes from nature. People take pictures because they want something to remember them by. Like in Facebook, Facebook has an option that shows your memories of your past. Others post their photos online so that they can delete it on their storage afterwards to make another memories on their cameras/phones and so on. Another reason of why people post their travel photos online is that some of their relatives could see what kind of place they went to, and might convince their relatives to visit the beauty of Bohol. My third reason is people like to flex their achievement, for example you have given a bonus pay and free travel by your boss and you’d like people to know that you have claimed that kind of gift due to your hardwork. So in my opinion the value of taking one’s destination photo is having something to remind you that at one point of your life you had fun, and you deserve to have fun. Every one of us deserves a break and those heart and like reacts on your posts also make you feel good.

  18. Jamaica Catacutan

    This type of value can be considered to be a Universal Value. Because sharing photos with others can be something that has a universal value because not only do you find them valuable and beautiful but everybody can also see them in the way you did. As S.H. Schwartz hypothesized, universal values can be determined to three different types of human needs: biological needs, social coordination needs, and needs related to the welfare and survival of groups. Thus, sharing the photos you took from tourist attractions that you find beautiful, can be related to those three types of universal values. Because by sharing those photos, you gained admiration from others that resulted in happiness that can contribute to your biological needs, you gained followers in your social media accounts that resulted in motivation and determination to share more valuable things with others and, these two can contribute to your social coordination needs, and needs related to the welfare and survival of groups. If I’ll be given a chance to go to Bohol, I’ll choose to visit Panglao Island because I love beaches, and hearing the sound of the waves gives me the relaxation and peace I need.

  19. Manejable, Clarence C.

    I think taking pictures of places and things you like and posting it may have a positive and negative effect on it. Its positive side is that if the person posting picture merely for their family or a self confidence booster but if the post have some irelevent information that are not plausible for public eye then it may bring harm to the person who posted, and that’s where the negative side of posting things online. People should know the importance of internet etiquette and online safety regulations such as posting personal information. But concerning at the value of the idea of posting things for your family and friends to see is actually quite inspiring to the audience. It is belong to aesthetic value because It concerns with beauty and flamboyant things such as views, pictures, and anything that involves presenting your own view of beautiful. It seems to bring joy and helps deal the loneliness of those love ones who are far away from you. Regarding of the places in Bohol, maybe the Chocolate Hills is the most eye catching for me. I would love to see the place itself and experience some nice view and see how it’s called chocolate, base on my research about chocolate hills it says that when rainy season it turns green and it turns brown during dry days or seasons. I also want to take a picture of these beautiful attraction in Bohol together with my love ones.

  20. Yulatic, Junmer Paul A.

    If I have a chance to go visit bohol I dreamed to go in chocolate hills because when I was a child if I hear about chocolate hills I thought that it is a hill made of chocolates but the fact is it is a hill full of grass and trees. When I got older I love to go in hills than the ocean. When I have time for the future to I will come and visit the chocolate hills in bohol because I feel the freedom in nature.

  21. Chandylou L. Lava, BSIT 2 F4

    Many visitors would take a their photos or various sites to be posted in their social media account for their friends to see and admire. What do you think, is this kind of values? I believe it is an aesthetic value in which a person wishes to share their lovely experiences in the places they travel by taking images and editing them to publish on social media so that their friends may view and admire the beautiful pictures they take there. The emotional or spiritual value assigned to a work of art or nature because of its beauty or other qualities linked with aesthetic choice is present in it. And If I will be given a chance to visit Bohol, I will visit Loboc River, which one of the most beautiful attraction in Bohol that caught my eye. Maybe this place suit to me, as the place sees it is peaceful. If I will visit there I should be an attentive person which willing to listen nor learn things for me to know their values and belief, that enable for me to know the do and dont’s when I will visit there.

  22. Wenna M. Donguines BSIT2 -M1

    The kind of value that the context possess is Appreciation. I consider it as a value of Appreciation because undeniably, for every places we go, every things that our eyes can see, we capture and take a photograph of something we really appreciate. The people who posted it on their social media accounts, is just an act of appreciation so the people who followed their accounts or friends with them, can appreciate the places they took and admire it even just through the internet. Appreciation is somewhat the value that the context possess considering that we, the human beings, is being appreciatative to the things we considered beautiful, amazing or new to our visions.
    Having a chance to visit one famous tourist attraction in Bohol, I choose Night Kayaking, first of all I loved watching sunset. I really appriciate the beauty of the nature and for me it is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the beauty and relaxing presence of the nature . This place is such an amazing and worth it to visit.

    Wenna M. Donguines

  23. Sharmaine D. Bantillo BSIT 2-F4

    Panglao Island of bohol, was attracted me the most cause I like seing beaches when I was young. When I was young we lived near from the sea of Tuburan. I value the beauty of the oceans thats why when we go in tuburan, I’ve always go first in the sea. Every time I see oceans I see my value. It makes me calm and overthink alot of things, it makes myself better and better. In my opinion, posting photos in social media about the beauty of nature. It is a passion of a person also me I love posting photos. I just wanted to share to everyone in my facebook friends about the idea of my post. I’m a compassionate person, I value who valued me so everytime my cousins saw my post they really wanted to know about it.

  24. Ann M. Dela Puerta

    This kind of value is to inspired and courage others to go to the one of beautiful destination at Philippines. They share different moments with their family and friends. while they enjoy the beautiful natures in Bohol which is the Chocolate hills and other beautiful places that found in Bohol. Some of us they really want to post in social media, yes. Specially the beautiful destination just like the beaches and mountains that place once in a life time to visiting them, that’s why we’re sharing the pictures of moments to inspire others to go. If I will given a chance to visit Bohol the attraction I wanted to Visit Panglao Island because I want to enjoy the Wave of sea water, watching the sunset with together my family, friends and love ones. Also as a traveller or person I arrived from other places I want to share my photograph I took in different places and things to inspire others to keep striving and Continue grinding in life to achieve their goals so that we can go anywhere, whenever we want to go anytime, because we had financial stable, everybody will become inspiring person when the season came that’s it’s our turn to enjoy the aboundant life and that’s the time to share our blessings to others, Will bring to inspire others.

  25. Melitado, Angel B. BSIT 2M1

    Among the 23 famous tourist attractions in Bohol that I’ve seen on the website the Panglao Island has caught my attention, because of its crystal clear water and the calm ambiance that its giving me. I’ve done some research about Panglao Island if what other activities I can di while staying there, I discovered that Panglao Island is one of the famous destination here in the Philippines, because of its breath taking view, white sand beach, gorgeous coral reefs and its very famous diving spot. It’ll be a great time visiting Panglao Island with your family, friends, and with your partner if you’re planning a vacation. Panglao Island is the best choice for you if you need time for yourself, if you want to be aways from the city, and if you want to escape from reality just for a short period of time. I assure you that your every stay in Panglao Island will be amazing and memorable.

  26. Althea Murielle Mendoza, BSIT 2-F4

    Many visitors would take their photos on various sites to be posted in their social media accounts for their friends to see and admire. I think this behaviour shows value of happiness and gratitude. You are posting the things that you achieved in life because you wanted to show how happy and greatly you are and you wanted to inspire and encourage your friends to also work hard so that they can also achieve the things that they wanted in life. I have been to Bohol before and visited so many tourist spots/attractions like; Bamboo hanging bridge, Tarsier conservatory, Mahogany forest, Chocolate hills, Loboc river, Loboc Ecotourism Adventure park and some resorts there. If I were given a chance to visit there again I would visit the Hinagdan cave. By the sound of the tourist spot’s name I can already imagine that this tourist spot will be dark and scary since it is a cave. I am always afraid of the dark because it feels like there is something that’s watching me. Since I am an adventurous person and I always face my fears, Hinagdan Cave will be the perfect tourist spot for me. I can challenge myself and at the same time I can also have fun.

  27. Emar B. Baldeveso

    Bohol is a lovely and very beautiful place beacuase of their beach and their food also. Beacause of the pandemic that very bad impact to everyone . Bohol is visiting everyone and different countries because of their tourist attractions and delicious foods.

  28. Malaga,Louis Miguel S. Bsit 2f4

    If i have given a chance to go in bohol i want to go first in baclayan church and to pray that i arrived in bohol safety next i want to go in tarsier conservatory i and want to look them after i go there i want to go in the beach so that i can relax and the next day i want to experience the paddle boating in bohol after that before my vacation end there at bohol I want to go in mahogany forest.

  29. Riega D. Monteza, BSIT-2F4

    It has an aesthetic value in my opinion. This is because it focuses on the natural beauty that many tourists observe when visiting Bohol. Furthermore, they have taken photographs and put them on their social media accounts in order for their Facebook friends or followers to witness the amazing features, characteristics of various items that can be found in Bohol. For them, retouching photographs taken in Bohol and posting them on their social media accounts is a form of value. When we talk about aesthetic value, we mean the value at which an individual may rate the look of any thing in the world, whether it is beautiful or not, based on their personal preferences or values for an object.
    If I were given the opportunity to visit Bohol, I would go to the most amazing attraction, the Chocolate Hills. When I was younger, I had only heard or seen it in encyclopedias and on television. I was really impressed when seeing it on television, and I promised myself that when I grow up and have a stable job, the first location I want to visit in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills since I love being on top of mountains. I’ve discovered that chocolate hills are comparable to mountains in shape, thus if I had the opportunity to visit Bohol, Chocolate Hills would be my first choice.
    Therefore, if I ever visit the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, I’ll be able to apply the aesthetic values. This is due to my desire to picture in the most beautiful setting possible, which symbolizes the true meaning of aesthetic ideals to me. Chocolate Hills’ beauty will be appraised with my own eyes, and its presence will be felt within my spirit.

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