Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar


Himamaylan City Stress Management Seminar

Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar: Batch 1  

Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar: A Journey to Stress Resilience

Embarking on a proactive mission to fortify the well-being of Himamaylan’s unwavering and dedicated workforce, a transformative Managing Stress Seminar emerged as a beacon of enlightenment. This seminar was a testament to the city’s unswerving dedication to its irreplaceable employees, expertly curated and steered by a professor and management consultant, Jojo Vito. With the steadfast leadership of Mayor Raymund Tongson and Vice Mayor Justin Gatoslao, with the visionary guidance of HR Department Head CG Hisona, the seminar in two batches took center stage, assuming the role of a  catalyst for positive change. Within its engaging and immersive framework, employees were equipped with a treasure trove of pragmatic strategies uniquely tailored to navigate and conquer stress within the intricate tapestry of their demanding roles. This seminar, an embodiment of thoughtful care and astute planning, affirmed Himamaylan’s pledge to nurture a workforce that thrives both professionally and personally, embodying the city’s unwavering commitment to the holistic growth of its cherished individuals.

Mayor Raymund Tongson and Vice Mayor Justin Gatuslao

A Vibrant Exploration of Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar  

The Stress Management Seminar transcended the ordinary, morphing into a dynamic and stimulating experience. With an infectious energy, the seminar captivated participants, immersing them in lively discussions and interactive activities that delved deep into the core of stress and its triggers. This seminar emerged as a guiding light, illuminating the myriad challenges that have the potential to cast a shadow on anyone’s spirit. Fostering an atmosphere of empowerment, participants were not mere bystanders; they were encouraged to take center stage in their stress management journey. As they absorbed the wisdom shared and embraced the transformative techniques, a promise of realigning their work-life equilibrium sparkled on the horizon.

Himamaylan City Stress Management Seminar

Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar: A Response to the Call for Employee Welfare

Mayor Tongson and HR Department Head CG Hisona’s unwavering dedication to the well-being of Himamaylan’s invaluable workforce was poignantly evident through this thoughtful initiative. As astute leaders, they keenly recognized the multifaceted demands inherent to the roles of their employees and the undeniable impact on their overall well-being. With an unwavering commitment, this seminar was a direct and heartfelt response to the urgent call for support echoing through the city’s corridors. In their visionary leadership, they comprehended that a contented and stress-resilient workforce is not only the bedrock of employee happiness but an indispensable cornerstone for the seamless and efficient provision of services to the cherished people of Himamaylan.

Himamaylan City Stress Management Seminar

Dr. CG Gisona, HR Head

Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar | Equipping Employees for Peak Performance

The impact of stress extends far beyond an individual’s well-being; it casts a shadow on job performance and even ripples into customer service. Recognizing this intricate interplay, the Managing Stress Seminar emerged as a strategic investment in shaping Himamaylan’s forthcoming chapters. By equipping dedicated employees with a comprehensive arsenal of stress management tools, the city takes deliberate steps towards cultivating a workforce that thrives even amidst the most challenging scenarios. This conscious empowerment translates into a tangible enhancement in the quality of service offered to the cherished citizens they diligently serve.

Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar:

Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar

A Shared Commitment to Excellence

With the curtains drawing to a close on the seminar, its resonating impact lingered on in the hearts and minds of the attendees. Armed with fresh insights and a toolkit of invaluable stress management techniques, these dedicated employees stand poised to confront stress head-on, transforming it from a hindrance into a catalyst for personal and professional growth. The unwavering commitment of Mayor Raymund Tongson, Vice Mayor Justin Gatuslao, and HR Head CG Hisona shines brightly, emblematic of a shared pursuit of excellence that echoes throughout the city. As stress finds balance and spirits ascend, Himamaylan stands on the precipice of a transformative journey. A surge in productivity, an elevation in service quality, and a workforce resilient in the face of challenges pave the way for a future that brims with promise and potential.

Himamaylan Employees Training: Navigating Stress ,Fostering Resilience

Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar – Batch 2

Note from the Speaker:

A heartfelt expression of gratitude extends to the exceptional HR Department headed by Dr. CG Gisona and the devoted staff members who orchestrated and facilitated the seminar with unwavering resolve and meticulous care. Their commitment to enhancing the well-being and growth of the Himamaylan workforce has illuminated a path toward resilience and achievement. Their diligent endeavors have sown the seeds of positive change, fostering an environment where employees can thrive in the face of challenges.

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Himamaylan Employees Training: Navigating Stress ,Fostering Resilience

Himamaylan Stress Management Seminar

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