Teacher – Student Affair | Age Doesn’t Matter


 Teacher - Student Affair | Age Doesn't Matter

 Teacher – Student Affair | Age Doesn’t Matter

Teacher – Student Affair

I know that the title gives you cringe and an idea that this sharing of mine won’t be as valuable as you think. Well, it’s up to you. But if you would like to know an exciting sharing about a love that had grown based on the teacher-student relationship, then go ahead and continue reading.

Well, I was just one of those naughty students way back in college, and I have never been too serious in my studies. I’ve always believed in the well-known line “YOLO,” which means that you only live once. But lo and behold, I finished my degree and was able to get a decent job in an architecture firm. As luck had landed my life in the aspect of a career, the fate of love seems to forget about my existence. In short, I have not been in a serious relationship for a while now.

 Teacher - Student Affair | Age Doesn't Matter

 Teacher – Student Affair | Age Doesn’t Matter

It was Saturday evening, and I had just gotten off from my weekend work duty. I was on my way home, but I decided to stop for a while in a nearby café and buy something to drink. As I cue on the line, waiting for my turn to say my order, I was surprised to see my college teacher. She was my Science teacher way back, and I was in a way happy to see her. After ordering, I approached her since she was alone and asked how she’s been and if she was still working at the same university. That was when I realized that our age difference of 10 years wouldn’t come in our way since she seemed cool with the idea of talking candidly with a former student. Over a cup of coffee, it was then that I met the love of my life. To cut the story short, we reconnected. We shared some stories, got to know each other, and I have come to love her.

 Teacher – Student Affair | Age Doesn’t Matter

At first, I was so afraid to tell her for she might not feel the same and I might look stupid or ungentle man. But what can I do? No matter what effort I try to get away from her, it is as if every step I take leads me a closer step towards her. Now, we are happily married, and we have two adorable children.

The lesson of my story? It is NEVER TOO LATE to love, and that AGE DOES NOT MATTER. What matters most is the love that we feel for each other and the idea that we accept each other no matter what. People might look at us at times, thinking that what we had was inappropriate, but such speculations will never be enough to break us apart.

 Teacher - Student Affair | Age Doesn't Matter

 Teacher – Student Affair | Age Doesn’t Matter

Love knows no boundaries and limits. No physical appearance, life status, and age could ever hinder a heart from yearning for another soul. If there is one thing that I could proudly tell anyone, that is never to be ashamed of loving regardless of the situations and circumstances for as long as you know deep within that you are doing the right thing.

Feel free to tell us your thoughts on this subject matter.

 Teacher - Student Affair | Age Doesn't Matter

 Teacher – Student Affair | Age Doesn’t Matter

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  1. Antonette Arinal BSIT 3-R1

    – For me the roles and important of the people/employees of various establishment like hotel, restaurant, restort & etc. Is that the employees must be kind and caring to the customer because with that attitude you can make the customer more satisfied and when the customer will be give your their trust and will make your customer feel more comfortable because they will feel valued. Making your customer satisfied is the most important thing to a employees who work at this kind of establishment because the happy customer is a loyal one.

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  3. Marven adarel Rejas

    ANSWER: Base on the article of the Teacher Student affair I have read since they have their love affair after the student already had his bachelor degree all I can say is this is acceptable and good because they fall in love in the right time that the student is already in the right age to decide and choose to pursue his former teacher. This is not considered immoral because their relationship start not during the student is under the supervision of his teacher. In my own opinion, I agree with the saying “Age doesn’t matter in love” they actually proved this saying because the man fall in love and see the good traits of his teacher as his soulmate and he never see the age. They are in the correct position, no violation to any morality and ethics, and in the eyes of the society this kind of relationship is correct because the man is already in the right age and graduated with a degree when he pursues his teacher. I can see their relationship is unique.

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  5. Jermond O. Juesna

    In the Filipino values the age gap of couples doesn’t mostly matter when the older partner is the man since even during colonial times many young women are married to older men especially if the man already has a stable disposition in life and some women may even be betrothed at a younger age. But for the woman to be the older one and having a huge gap in a relationship, this gains a lot of criticism. This may come from the idea that the main point of marriage is to contribute to the population and women of later age would have a hard time conceiving.

    In our current society, women as the older individual in a relationship may not be as taboo as it was before, not only that Filipino society is accepting a boundless love relationship but also women are now becoming empowered showing the world that they can also make decisions for themselves not bound with culture.

    As for the younger men who are in a relationship with older women, this might also have a criticism due to the fact that younger men are sometimes seen, usually by the older generation, as dependent on their partner and their maturity is somewhat hampered since their responsibilities like providing and decision making are usually carried out by the partner. On the other hand, many of these “serious” young men did not enter the relationship to be a burden for their partner, like in this article. He was not motivated by the status of his teacher but rather through their time together dating, knowing more of each other.

    The age gap between lovers today in our society is not that of a great issue and is more likely acceptable and even more admired by others. As long as the people see that the couple are comfortable and happy together, the age gap seems to be not a factor for acceptance in the community.

  6. Lezel G. Dagudog

    Based on Filipino values, do you think is the relationship discussed in the article taboo or acceptable? Why/Why Not?

    The relationship discussed in the article is acceptable because the student and the teacher met and had a relationship when the student finished his studies and enjoyed a high-paying job.
    A teacher-student affair is a taboo if the student is still studying but when the affair happened after graduation, the relationship is wholesome and acceptable.

  7. I read the article and my stand about the said affair stated is ACCEPTABLE. Why?. In a teacher-student relationship, there is nothing wrong if they are well acquainted and how to establish good and healthy boundaries with each other. They are aware of their limitations on how they will express their love and affection as a teacher, a role model, and as a student, to learn what is being taught for them and set a good example to the society. As what being said in the article, being in love with someone is never to be ashamed as long as you accept with each other, know what is right, and deep within your heart. Nothing is impossible.

  8. Edmar Genovia

    Based on the article, the relationship between a student and a teacher is acceptable. But of course, based on our society and culture here in our country, the relationship between a student and a teacher is taboo or unacceptable by a majority of people. Teachers are held in high respect, and as a result, there have always been high moral demands of them.
    But, in my opinion, as long as the two people are of legal age, they have the freedom to love and be loved. This includes the right to have a romantic relationship with another adult, even if the other adult is his or her teacher.
    “Love”, in my opinion, should have no bounds. A student-teacher connection should be permitted as long as both parties maintain their professionalism at school. The career of a person should not dictate who they are permitted to love and express their affections for.

  9. Joji Ivan Juesna

    The relationship is totally acceptable. The student-teacher status has long been ended, the guy is no longer part of the institution where the girl works. Also they are now both on the same level professionally. Also as the story indicates, there was no romantic history between them during their time as student and teacher. We Filipinos are just too fond of chizmiz, drama, and trivialities, in which we scrutinize the love life of our neighbors, peers, celebrities up to the smallest details. I somehow agree to what the author said that “Love knows no boundaries and limits.” but I think boundaries and limits are established to keep us as a safe and orderly society.

  10. Myrly V. Cabrera

    For many decades, Filipinos have lived by the influence of Spaniard’s customs. Religion is one of the aspects, which involves feminity and self-preservation among women. Our ancestors are known and labeled as naive and modest, projecting the old-fashioned women and respectful gentlemen. Anything that goes against their practice and customs is labeled unpure and will eventually be discriminated against by society.

    However, our society nowadays has evolved as technology advanced. Self-preservation decreased where peer pressures and family problems are some of the primary reasons for these predicaments. Many swim in the pool of vices and worldly things. Social media have a massive impact on many, most especially teenagers and youngsters. Some are victims who tend to have early or unwanted pregnancies, and some led to suicide.

    For the article above, if we base it on Filipino values, I think the relationship discussed is acceptable because they do not break the rules, for they are both at the right age and professionals. What is against the rules and regulations of the education sector are the relationships between the students and teachers. For society, some people may judge them, but some are not and do not care. As long as they do not hurt somebody’s feelings and the relationships are legal, families nowadays get the couple’s support and understanding.

    I have known lots of couples having age gaps, but it does not affect their intimacy and respect with each other. Some men preferred women older than them, for they believe that they are better at managing homes. For them, older means more mature even in budgeting and handling emotional matters. Though maturity does not always come in age, women are pretty much advanced compared to men.

    To conclude, I want to express my feelings agreeing with the article that love knows no boundaries, and age does not matter. Yeah, it is never too late to love, enjoy life, and make a family with the one you love. What matters is how ready you are to face the challenges that may come on your journey as a couple and how to overcome them together.

  11. Ronie T. Linas

    Based on the article, in my opinion I think the relationship between the two parties is acceptable.
    In my own point of view the title does not fit with the article. In the first place the teacher- student relationship ends when the guy graduates and has a job. They are both of legal age, though the gap is 10 years. But the writer says “ age doesn’t matter” . Some might think their relationship is inappropriate, but in my opinion I agree with the writer saying that love knows no boundaries and limits, regardless of age, for as long as you love each other you are doing the right thing. Do the things that make you happy, if loving someone makes you happy do it.
    The issues here is the age gap between the two lover which is 10 years because in many instances this doesn’t workout. But this article is an exception, love succeeds despite the age gap and challenges and age doesn’t hinder the loving heart.
    There is no law that does not allow a huge gap between the two lovers. Age does not define how you feel towards someone. As the title says “ Age Doesn’t Matter”.

  12. Mary Rose S. Tubid

    Dr. Marianito “Jojo” Vito’s article regarding the teacher-student affair/age doesn’t matter (fabasianlifestyle.com) stated the story of a successful relationship of the two persons who have ten years age gap. It signifies that love does not base on age, appearance, or status in life. It depends on the mutual feelings that they both have towards each other. Even the teacher and student can still show their love for each other. However, this kind of love prohibits in our country.

    The Philippines is considered a conservative country. The teacher-student relationship is not allowed. We think that the teacher is using the power to control the student. Even our law mentioned this matter. The teacher is the second parent of the students and should not fall in love with them. The minor students are innocent and adventurous. If that student has an affair with their teacher, the teacher may accuse child abuse. However, if the student is of legal age, they can have their relationship but considering the school’s integrity. They should act professionally and should not perform the PDA. Also, Filipinos mock the persons who have a relationship with someone much older or younger than them. If the man is much older than the woman, we think the woman is after the man’s money, or the man is sexually taking advantage of the woman. We are close-minded with this matter, but not all. Some of us can accept this matter with due respect to the persons involved. As long as both parties are of legal age, and single they do not bother.

    Another negative attitude of the Filipinos is meddling with other people’s life. Some are sensitive and mindful of others’ opinions. They tend to change their decision in choosing their life partner to avoid negative comments from others. However, this added to the stress of a couple and resulted in breaking up.

    Every country has a different culture and rules about love. The mentioned above are some of the practices that we Filipinos applied. Indeed, love is for the two persons who have a mutual feeling for each other, regardless of status, age (as long as legal age), and appearance. They have the right to choose their life partner following their heart. As long as they do not hurt someone and act according to the law, they can be free to express their love professionally. Also, this lesson emphasizes the patience of a person waiting for the right one to come. It highlighted the teachers who are very busy preparing lessons but still find true love. For singles out there, be patient. The right one will come when the right time comes.

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