MACAU TOURIST SPOTS | 20 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

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MACAU TOURIST SPOTS | 20 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

Top 20 Attractions in Macau [ Tourist Spots ] That You Shouldn’t Miss 

Many people believe stereotypes about Macau, saying it is only a place for casinos and gambling – not until you visit the city and see the beautiful tourist spot you’ve never seen before in your whole life! 

Macau is typically small compared to other travelers’ areas. But once you see the whole picture of this city, I doubt you’ll remember its usual stereotyping claims. We’ve prepared the 20 most visited places in Macau, where you can enjoy your entire vacation.

List of Top Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

1. Enjoy your summer at Grand Resort Deck.

The ideal time to visit Macau if you have this Grand Resort Deck in mind is during summer. However, you can still take leisure time in this resort at any time of the year. With its vast space – with approximately 75,000m² – a variety of activities are available in this area. You can take a dip in swimming pools, wander around the long sand beach, or take your children at the kids’ aquatic zone. 

2. Learn Macau’s rich culture in Macau Maritime Museum.

You can find this museum with the shape of a ship at Barra Pagoda. They feature the items used back in the time of Portugal and China. These are the narrow dragon boat and gallery of aquariums. 

MACAU TOURIST SPOTS | 20 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

5. See the Guinness Word of Record – the Macau Tower.

As Macau’s popular destination, this should not be on your checklist. It is a place for adventurous and risk0takers since the tall tower offers bungee jumping to 233 meters or 764 feet. Cool yourself at the 360°Café after the nerve-wracking experience. 

3. Wander around Taipa Village.

The place is full of Chinese architecture and Portuguese and Mediterranean influences. This is the home of colonial churches and museums with beautiful cultural heritage and history. 

4. Visit the A-Ma Temple

This location is where dedicated local people go. They serve and worship deities in various pavilions inside the temple. Inspired by Confucianism, the entire building took place in the city. 

Studio City

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

6. Take a luxurious experience at Studio City.

Make your travel more memorable by enjoying each luxurious and exciting itinerary at Studio City. You can jump in with Macau’s very own, Batman Dark Flight – a 4D simulation ride. Join your loved one at the tallest eight Ferris wheel at the Golden Reel. Everything is magical in this place, and you will love it! 

7. See the majestic dancing water.

Don’t forget to watch Macau’s dancing water. With its 2000-seater, many individuals can enjoy the show. The theatre and attraction cost a whopping US$250 million! You will stay still on your seat when you see the jaw-dropping and mind-blowing performances of each artist, dancer, gymnast, motorcyclist, and diver. The production and theatre director is Franco Dragone. 

8. Learn more about Macau’s history at the Museum of Macau.

The museum is the largest among other similar places in Macau, with a total area of 2,800m² (30,128 ft.²). It covers 3,000 exhibits and ancient relics featuring the deep history of the city entangled with the Portuguese and Chinese culture. 

MACAU TOURIST SPOTS | 20 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

9. Visit Macau’s famous landmark, the Ruins of St. Paul.

It is rarely amazing to see wrecked places as beautiful attractions. The Ruins of St. Paul is one of them. The place’s architectural structure features an astounding stone façade, but when it burned down in 1835, the only left was the single wall. That shows a significant impact on tourists until now. 

Take a walk at the European-style Flora Garden.

If you are not into walking, you can ride a cable car to see the scenic view of the entire garden. Walking towards the stone pathway, you will notice awe-inspiring waterfalls and reach the highest point of Macau, Guia Hill. 

13. Relax and chat with your friends over the bottle of wine at Macau Soul.

Portuguese wines win over Italian brands and earn a variety of top awards. After a few walks and tours at Macau, it is time to relax with your friends while drinking a glass of wine or two. You can choose from the Portuguese wine’s 600 labels. Its variety of choices is one of the reasons for the brand’s success. 

pandas at the Giant Pavilion

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

10. Catch a glimpse of giant, cute little pandas at the Giant Pavilion.

Make your dream of seeing real pandas come true! The Gian Pavilion is the home for pandas, where caretakers feed and take good care of them. Mother panda, Xin Xin, gave birth to cute little panda twins. Their names are Xiaobao and Dabao. It is an excellent opportunity to see these adorable creatures. 

MACAU TOURIST SPOTS | 20 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

11. Sit and relax at Senado Square

You can walk around, relax, and take a picture with the background of picturesque Portuguese-style mosaic tile floors and neo-classical buildings surrounding Senado Square. The ideal time to visit this place is during the daytime. 

14. Pamper yourself at Mandarin Oriental.

Mandarin Oriental is an excellent location for spas and massages. You will experience the luxurious therapy from professional therapists offering several types of their signature treatments – deep sleep and deep tissue massages. 

Portuguese Egg Tart

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

15. Taste Macau’s Portuguese Egg Tart.

Aside from Macau’s majestic architectural and luxurious buildings, they offer a delicious egg tart that will let you taste heaven. The crunchy outer crust, melt-in-the-mouth egg custards, and crispy crème Brulee top filling will make a tinging taste in the buds. Don’t forget to try this snack on your Macau travel! 


17. Treat yourself at the Broadway Food Street.

At Macau’s Broadway, everything is possible. You can taste the famous Asian cuisines and food brand stalls in the street. The locals love to perform at night with their festive street performances to entertain tourists. A souvenir shop is also available to buy gifts for your friends and family in your hometown. 

18. Visit Macau Grand Prix Museum.

F1 enthusiasts must see this museum. This is the place for racers and a museum to commemorate Macau’s grandest sporting event in 1993, the same time Grand Prix was created. At exhibitions, you will see the 20 formula cars and motorcycles driven by world-class drivers. Some of these are Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard. 

MACAU TOURIST SPOTS | 20 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

16. Visit Venetian, one of the world’s most significant buildings.

It has 3000 hotel suites, various shops, and restaurants. It is the perfect place for casinos with the gaming floor’s size of 500,000ft². This place is the most popular among casino buildings in Macao. 

19. Take your leisure moment at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Fisherman’s Wharf is where you can find casinos, restaurants, bars, and stores. It is only five minutes away from Macau Ferry Terminal. 

20. Enjoy your day at Hac Sa Beach

Hac Sa Beach is the largest beach in Macau. It is well-known for its coal-black sand, but in recent years, white sands have mixed with its natural color. Despite that, it is still an excellent place to visit. 

With Macau’s endless activities and tourist spots, one day is not enough to get the most out of it. Plan your travel to enjoy each moment, and release the adventurous soul inside you!

MACAU TOURIST SPOTS | 20 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Macau Tourist Spots | Attractions

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