Dinuguan Recipe | Blood Stew

Dinuguan Recipe | Blood Stew

Dinuguan Recipe [ Blood Stew ]

For people visiting the Philippines for the first time, this is another dish that we recommend you should try, Dinuguan.

Dinuguan is a stew using mostly pork offal as the main ingredients such as kidneys, lungs, heart, snout, intestines, etc. Depending on the cook’s preference, at times, pork meats are used in a more significant portion, especially for those who are not comfortable with offals. Of course, what makes this dish unique is the use of blood that makes the look of this dish black.

In other parts of the country, this dish is called in various names. In Batangas, it is called sinugaok, and in Ilocos, it is called dinardaran. The Ilocanos sometimes add some crispy chicharon for an added texture. The dish is also called dugo-dugo in Cebu; rugodugo for the Warays; champayma for the people in Northern Mindanao, and tinumis in Nueva Ecija and Bulacan. The preparations/recipe also vary depending on the region.


  Ingredients |  Dinuguan Recipe | Blood Stew Photo by Kat 

For people who are not familiar with the dish, it is quite similar to the European-style blood sausage and the black pudding of the Irish and British.

Another version of this dish is chicken meat’s use as the main ingredient rather than pork meat.

How to Cook Dinuguan/ Blood Stew (Recipe)

If you do not want to buy dinuguan from the outside area, you can make it yourself. Here are what you need in cooking this notable dish:

Dinuguan Ingredients:

  • Pork Slices (1 lb)
  • Vinegar (1 cup)
  • Long green Pepper ( 2 pcs)
  • Brown sugar (1 1/2 tbsp)
  • Onion (1 pc chopped finely)
  • Garlic (1 tbsp minced)
  • Cooking Oil (3 tbsp)
  • Water (1 cup)
  • Pork Blood (10 oz)
  • Pork Internal
  • Salt and Pepper (seasoning)

Steps in Cooking Dinuguan Recipe

  1. Heat the cooking oil in the pan, then when it is already heated, saute the garlic and onion until it released their aroma.
  2. Once the onion softens, add the sliced pork then continue sauteing until 5 minutes.
  3. If the color of the pork is already light brown, you can add the water. Let it boil for a few minutes.
  4. Add the remaining parts of the pork. Let the pork cook in low heat until all of the parts tenderizes.
  5. Add the pork blood carefully then stir for 8 to 10 minutes.
  6. Pour the vinegar on the pan.
  7. Add the sugar and green Pepper.
  8. Let it cook for 12 to 15 minutes.
  9. Finally, season with salt and Pepper. If you have any seasoning, you can also add them.
  10. Alas, you can serve it on your plates. Accompany it with puto for better taste.

 Dinuguan Recipe | Blood Stew | Photo by Kat

Nutrition Content

Since the dinuguan dish has pork as its main ingredient, the protein contains is higher than any other foods that you eat. Here is the list of the nutrients that you can get from eating dinuguan:

  • 255 Cal
  • 5g of Carbs
  • 10g of Fats
  • 33g of Protein
  • 3% of Vitamin A
  • 2% of Calcium
  • 11% of Iron

To burn the fats that it contain, make sure that you do proper exercise. Now, you know many things about the dinuguan here in the Philippines. Try to taste it so that you will know the feeling of staying in various localities of the country. With their different versions of dinuguan, you might tell the difference between their culture. Enjoy this comfort food and dig in!

Dinuguan Recipe | Blood Stew

 Dinuguan Recipe | Blood Stew

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  1. John Collin J Jaen BSIT3-A2

    When my friend american visited my place in philippines. The menu that I gave him to taste was bloody, it was called dinugo an, Blood of pig is a very tasty dish with a lot of protein and it is so delicious dinugo an is my one favorite dish, dinugo an is delicious without articles. Only blood and meat and liver are delicious and what we called perpilia or intestine. Because others article are bitter. Liver, intestine, blood, and (buy’on) meat is vert the best too.

  2. Arby Gumban 3A2

    This dish is a stew made with the blood of a freshly-slaughtered pig, some are made of beef but my Grandma cooked this made with the blood of chicken.
    We call it Dinuguan in Filipino. Usually cooked using a mixture of pork/chicken lungs, intestines, liver, gizzard and meat. There are many kinds of Dinuguan texture depends on the localization where it made.. Here in Negros Occidental, it looks like thick and oily. It has a sour taste because we put lots o lemon grass and vinegar to illimenate fetid smell of internal organs of pork/chicken..

    Try to taste and surely you will forget your name..

  3. Emel B. Baldeveso

    Emel B. Baldeveso BSIT 3-A2 NOVEMBER 5,2021

    The first thing I’ll do is give him a taste of my family’s dinuguan specialty. Then one by one I will tell him how the cooking process works. I will also tell him what its ingredients are, if I can be really proud of him, how delicious it is, if he is a type, he will also be proud of it with his friends in other countries.

  4. kelly L. Lavergas BSIT 3A-2

    How am i supposed to introduce to you our family specialty “Dinuguan”.”Dinuguan” contains by the ff: Blood of an animal such as pig or chicken, meat,and other seasonings “bawang ,sibuyas,mantika,”and other condiment. This “Dinuguan” lot of filipino is getting favorite in this kind of food even though the ingredients is so gross to know but its delecious. Dear friend take this our offer to and take some of it and critisize the product hoping that you will be getting a positive comment on our specialty.


    Simply introduce the dinuguan .
    But because we are don’t eat dinuguan because of our religions I’m gonna introduce dinuguan for how my friends introduce dinuguan to me. That the dinuguan is the favorite of Filipinos and only in the Philippines it is very popular to this country. But of course i don’t want to serve dinuguan to my american friend just to respect my family and our religious beliefs.


    I will introduce Dinuguan to my long time American friend who visited me for thw first time by saying “Hey Bro. how are you? welcome to the Philippines and to our hometown. You know what, I want you to try my family’s specialty, the Dinuguan or what we call the Blood Stew. It’s main ingredients are the pork blood, and pork internal. I know its rude to eat the blood and internal of a pork, but promise, when you eat this, you would be satisfied by its taste. It’s our family’s specialty because we all in the family love’s to eat this, and of course bro. it’s my comfort food. It is best also to eat Dinuguan when it is hot and. It is a best partner for hot rice and, of course my favorite Dinuguan with puto. I want you to try this bro., you wouldn’t regret eating this.”

  7. Tristan Kent Balayo BSIT 3A2

    The Dinuguan is the best food for me and if I have an American Friend first I will introduce to him what is the ingredients and how to cook Dinuguan he knows how to cook and I will tell him that is a blood of the pigs and the dinuguan is very delicious and i will push him to taste the dinuguan because dinuguan very delicious and he never forget the dinuguan and if he comeback to there home he will be proud of the dinuguan food in our country.

  8. You try to eat the dinuguan or you can also dish a pair of rice. It is a favorite of most Filipinos.Dinuguan is one of the most delicious delicacy in the Philippines. It can no longer be called Dinuguan if it has no pork blood. It is perfect when paired with puto. Even if it looks weird, it’s delicious to taste. Many Filipinos do not eat it because of their beliefs, but we respect that. I want other races to taste it so that they can get to know our Filipino culture better.

  9. Kevin M. Astrologo BSIT 3-A2

    When I have a friend who is an American, I deliberately introduce him to eating dinuguan food is one of the most popular Filipino foods here in the Philippines and I also start to tell him first how to do dinuguan food in the Philippines and say I told him that it comes from pig’s blood and will not harm human health and make sure its cleaning is very good, make sure it doesn’t smell fishy and also make sure that when cooked it tastes good dinuguan and tastes better here when cooked he is with you when you serve and it is definitely a food that he can share in his place and he can tell in his place and for his coming home he can also tell his family that dinuguan is a popular Filipino food here in pilipinas

  10. Ronnel Nagalo BSIT3-A2

    If I ever have an long time American friends and how will I introduce dinuguan for him/her I proudly say that this is the best menu in Philippines, it’s adorable and easy to cook. Yes it is a friendly budget yet delicious

  11. Klint Libona BSIT 3-A2

    Dinuguan or blood stew is one of my favorite food because of it’s homey flavor especially when it is cooked by my father or my sister. If given a chance I would love to share it to an American friend because I am pretty sure he/she will enjoy the tastiness of the dish. Along with puto or rice cake that perfectly matches dinuguan, I will serve it to my friend during the first day of his/her visit. With hope that hesitation will not stop my friend to try the dish because of it’s color and of course it is blood, I will wholeheartedly encourage him/ her to try eating what most Filipinos love to eat.

  12. Ashlley Jaztine Hisu-an, BSIT 3-A2

    Dinuguan is a Filipino dish that is Made with Pigs Blood, Dinuguan is a Filipino term for Blood Stew. Dinuguan is a Well known stew here in the Philippines, made with Garlic, Onion, Chillis, Vinegar, Brown sugar, Pork meat, and its maun ingredient Pigs Blood. It has a very Aromatic smell. Dinuguan is Specially Paired or Served with Steamed Rice Cake or what we call Puto. Lots of Filipinos eats Dinuguan but other Religions don’t because of their Beliefs.

  13. Manuel Fungo 3A2

    As a former chef, Dinuguan dish is not that difficult to introduce to an American guest, i always call it Chocolate Pork Stew to make it more enticing for them, and when they ask for the details of the recipe there’s no going around the main ingredient which is pork blood. Just reiterate how clean we make it and site a similar Spanish dish called Morcilla which is blood sausage and mention how the Philippines were colonized by Spain and Dinuguan dish came out of that fusion of cultures.

  14. Cordero, Johnie Dave #BSIT 3A2

    First of all ask them first if he is an Muslim or not. If not you can introduce the dish called dinuguan. The diguan has pork in its main ingredient it has a high protein dish. The dinuguan is tasty when you put a gata in it. You can savor the sweetiness and sour like dish. Dinuguan is one of the famous dish here in the philippines.

    Dinuguan is your family’s specialty. You have a long time american friend who visited you for the first time how will you introduce dinuguan to him/her?

    Dinuguan is a very popular dish here in the Philippines. This dish is the all time favorate of all Filipinos and forienger who visited in our country. It is best to serve and eat while it is hot with the partner of rice cake (puto) . As my family’s specialty I want to share it also to my long time American friend who visited me for the first time. I will introduce dinuguan to him in a nice way. First, I will tell him that this dish is very popular and all time favorate of foriengers here in our country and you will regret if you do not try to eat our family’s specialty dish. Lastly, i will serve him dinuguan and make sure that he is very comportably eating by showing hospitality. I am happy and proud to introduce to him our family’s specialty dish with all my heart.

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