Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life


Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life

Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life

Positive Self-Affirmation Tips: A Key to Improving Life

The way we think affects the quality of our lives, whether positively or negatively. If cognitive neuroscientists are to be believed, even our subconscious mental processes have a way of influencing our lives also if we are not fully aware of it.

But do you know what guarantees a positive effect on our lives? Positive statements we develop for ourselves, also known as positive affirmations.

Here are some ways you could invoke positive affirmation in your life:

1. Repeat it like a mantra

Nothing sticks to the mind better than an idea repeatedly spoken. Call it “rote” learning, but thinking positive thoughts aimed at yourself and doing it, again and again, is a powerful way of reinforcing something good unto yourself.

Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life

Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life

2. Not in the past nor the future, but now

To think of something from the past may already be bygone, and to see it in the future is still not happening. If you are to attract positive affirmation on yourself, think of it in the present context as if you’re already embodying it.

3. Filter out the negatives from the positives

In life, where there is doubt, even the most ideal thoughts often come with setbacks that weigh the favorable down. By learning how to filter out the negatives from the positives, you get something absolute and good.

Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life

4. Focus on the solution, not the problem

Many encounter problems whose solution draws back to the very issue itself, causing a cycle that never seems to get fixed. Typically, this happens when the focus is set on the problem rather than the solution itself. Do the complete opposite, and you will likely solve the problem.

5. Give direction to your positive affirmation.

Many aspire to the “good” things in life, not wanting to specify what exactly. In life, where there are many possibilities, to be generic may not be as ideal as being specific in what you want. For example, instead of aiming for a “better paying job,” aspire for something that identifies the amount of salary you could earn in a week, a month, or a year.

Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life

6. Infuse positive affirmation with passion

Without passion for something, even the grandest of ideas may fall out flat. But when you fuel an idea with enthusiasm, it tends to brim with life. When passionate about your positive affirmations, you put some energy into something that could otherwise die and be nothing.

7. Create imagery for your positive affirmation

Sometimes, but having so many dreams we wish to come true, we lose view of the others, which are also important. Having a positive affirmation can also be as volatile and could potentially vanish. By choosing to visualize your positive claim, you are materializing a concept that may otherwise be unclear.

8. Act it out

Our minds learn some things through actual action and have been the fundamental way we acquire human activities. When putting the same notion in positive affirmation, our minds put meaning to movements or gestures when we attribute it to something bright and valuable.

Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life

Positive Self-Affirmation | 8 Great Tips to Improving Life

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  1. Kyla Joyce Tenila BSIT 2F3

    “I am committed to my personal growth and progress,” is the one line/mantra that comes to mind. Why? Because one of our most basic human needs is personal development. We won’t stagnate or become bound by our limiting beliefs if we commit to a lifetime of learning and improvement. To establish an effective personal growth plan and then act on it we need to set clear goals.

  2. Jonalyn S. Degabi BSIT 2F3

    “I am Enough”

    This word runs through my everyday thinking. I always keep in mind that I am not enough as a daughter, many run to myself that am I enough?

    This is the question that always haunted my mind then, Because there are people who really make you feel that you’rw not enough to be loved, to be appreciated and to be thankful. But as time goes on I believe in myself, as if I fefeel that I am enough, because the thing starts with self before others.

    The day goes by and we grow, and wake up every day building up confidence in myself, and I slowly keep in mind to let the person not see your value and appreciate what can appreciate you.

    Having this everyday word, has brought good to me. I accept myself for who I am.

  3. Leomar Recaplaza Alpetche BSIT 2F3

    if I recite a line or mantra, it will be, I am a pretty good child or brother, and in study, perseverance and it will be good for myself and be able to give a good job in the end. At least sometimes I’m scared but I endure for the sake of my well -being and for my parents and they still study with me. I studied even though I didn’t like this course but I couldn’t do anything but continue it even if it was hard for me just to be able to finish and eventually help my family or my future family. But even though I had a hard time, I learned to love this course and I could graduate from college and get a job.

  4. Claire M Miravelis BSIT-2F3

    My line/mantra everyday to improve my self-concept is cheering up my self that “Self, you can do it and you will make it. You have your goals to achieve so keep going” Motivating my self that I need to be strong and be better everyday . That I can surpass everything by continue for being positive and keep praying for my betterment.

  5. Marvin Bayona

    Each day is new learning, and new learning leads to a better you. I see my everyday’s as new opportunity to grow and learn to improve myself. Life will surprise you, like it may give you despair and sorrow today and the next day will give you tons of happiness. We are not perfect, we will commit mistakes and that’s okay as long as this mistakes you will turn into right decision that will benefit you. Problem will always be there but what is more important is how will you survive this. There is so much more in life. Take a breathe and enjoy every second of it. I am living my best life in positive way because that is my choice.

  6. I’m going to recite be positive ,God fearing , independent person always and focus on what is important because if you are always thinking what is important in can lead you to be a better person and you can manage always your time. And being an independent person is not about i don’t need the help of others but for me to develop what best on me without leaning on to others. In addition there’s no one can help you to boost yourself but only you.

  7. Anchel B. Erecido BSIT 2f3

    I would recite this line/mantra every day to improve my self-concept “Refrain from comparing yourself to others” because every one is not the same. Every one of us has their own unique ways dont get hurt if somebody compares you to anyone. just tell to yourself that you have your own abilities that others haven’t. Everyone does have their difference. instead of minding them about how they compared you to others, just laugh at it. Beacause you know to yourself that you are enough better than what others think of you and all of us are all beautiful the eyes of god and we are all equals.


    Melvin you look amazing and wonderful today, you are better person this day and don’t let your yesterday dictate who you are this day. Put a big smile on your face and don’t let other ruin your beautiful smile and day. Melvin let your positive mood and mind be dominant to the people you might meet this day and don’t let their negativity affect in you. Always remember this Melvin; B.T.S. you must Believe, Trust and Surrender everything to the Lord and everything will be fine.

  9. Queenie Mae Gargallano BSIT 2F3

    If I am going to recite a line/mantra for myself it would be “Everything happens for a Reason” because as I aged I have a lot of realization like when I face problems I often question why self why me? Why do I have to suffer from this? I blame myself from being in that situation but then I have realize that everything is meant to happen and no one can handle my problems but me and when overcoming the situation you will know that it happened for a reason and it made you become a better person and lead you to the right path and made you stronger . Always remember that whatever decision you make in life offer it through your prayers and ask for guidance cause he will not lead you to the wrong path.

  10. Crystal Gail B. Gavileno 2F3

    If I would’ve been given a chance to choose a line or mantra, it would probably be “I am Loved, I am more precious than gold.” I chose this mantra because it reminds me that no matter what happens I am Loved and I am beyond worthy, I am not just talking about earthly love and value but heavenly. There are times that I question myself if I am valuable? or am I loved? But every time I think of this mantra it refreshes my soul, knowing that even though many people discourage, disrespect, and say I am not worthy; there is always someone up there who is watching and blessing me much more than I deserve. It also makes me realize I would rather please God and be hated by people than please people and not be known by God. This mantra must be too spiritual but this is one of the mantras that makes a huge impact and difference in my view of life.

  11. Andrea Isabelle C. Palma

    The value of self-concept is an idea that we must be very aware and we must take into consideration. It should always begin in ourselves in able to attract and to manifest good things in life. If I will be reciting a mantra everyday to make myself feel valued and worthy, it would be I DON’T CHASE, I WILL ATTRACT. This simply means that in life, we must stop chasing those elements that drain our energy and capacity. Instead, we need to attract the positivities and good vibes that will be truly beneficial to all of us. We should imbibe the law of attraction to the things and person that matters most. We should not look after for temporary feelings, but must go into perpetual happiness and satisfaction in order for us to bring out the best of all our abilities.

  12. Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 2-F3

    I’m braver than I thought. This is a mantra I can repeat to myself every day. Why? Because I am anxious about how others will see or judge me, I’m afraid to fail occasionally because I’m afraid of what other people will think if I don’t meet their expectations. I understand how difficult life may be, but I no longer care what other people think of me. I was more than capable, and I learned how to manage these difficult days gracefully. Not only that, but I can do whatever I want since I know myself better than anyone else. Furthermore, I was stronger and braver than I realized.

  13. Michelle O. Nalangan BSIT 2-F3

    If I am going to recite a line/mantra everyday to improve my self-concept, it would be “I AM WORTHY”. Every time I feel disappointed, I use this line to remind myself that I am worthy. Sometimes I feel like all of my actions and doings in life have gone unnoticed, which makes me question my skills, my decisions in life, and my ability to do random things. With that, this line serves as a reminder for me to be strong, to always face my fears, and to accept my flaws and imperfections, because no one will embrace me but myself. I have this behavior where I long for care and attention, to the point that I forget that I am worthy, but this line reminds me that I must be treated the way I deserve to be, not ignored and unvalued. I know my worth, and I know myself more than anyone else. I appreciate and thank those people who reach their hands out to me, which makes me feel more valued, appreciated, and loved. 

  14. Efren John Reyes

    If I had to recite a mantra every day to improve my self-concept, it would be “I am Loved,” which I literally do every day. This line helps me to start my day with a positive attitude. Imagine waking up knowing that you are loved. This concept taught me to accept myself and recognize that everything is about who we are and that it is not a question of what you want to have but rather who you want to be.And that is what I want to be, I want to be Loved. The sensation of knowing alters everything. All of those feelings outnumber my own sources, my mindset, my inner being, which determines my happiness. The greatest Joy I will ever experience is Joy from within. This is what I refer to as intuition; I just know what to do, and it just flows and comes naturally.Knowing you are loved gives you the confidence to love others as well. It’s incredible that behind every struggle I face, behind every fear, doubt, and even in your darkest moments, there is still a hope that you hold, and that hope is the idea that you are loved. A loving heart seeks out those who need Love. Remember that Love is Bold,It does not make excuses for why you can’t love someone; sometimes people come into our lives to teach us how to love and be loved. Finally, love others so radically that they wonder why.


    If I’m going to recite a line or mantra to improve my self-concept, it would be the line “I am worth it”. I am worth it because I am an individual with the right to be unique. I don’t have to judge myself for not being the perfect person, and I will never be. However, I can be the best and most perfect version of myself.
    I am valuable because I can give myself permission to be true to my personal values and beliefs. With every word I utter and interaction I have. “I am worth it”. Even though many people degrade me, it cannot affect me because I know that I am capable of everything because “I am worth it”.

  16. Khien D. Torreña BSIT 2-F3

    Be positive. Sometimes I’m having a bad day, dealing with an problem / issue, or struggling in my studies. Before, I always considered the negative consequences of every action / decision I made. I remember that what if I only considered to the positive side? Because I know that God has never given us a challenge that we can’t resolved. Having a positive mindset can help us to become a better person.
    To live a happier life. and also to help others to do the same.

  17. Khea Joy S. Juanico 2F3

    If I am going to recite a line or mantra, it would be, “I am good, and learning through the days, I become better.” This line is what keeps me going. This greatly motivates me to continue in learning so I can improve myself and become better. This eliminates my fear of facing the day, facing uncertainties in life, facing what I am shy of, and facing what I am afraid of. I have to learn and survive the day, so that I’d run into my hidden self and find out more of who I am. This would emphasize that even in my worst times, even in my most hurtful days, even in the days of confusion, I’d still learn out of it. They contribute on my growing process so I’d flourish and sprout positivity and learnings to apply in daily basis. This line helps me to be patient while it’s still not my season. As day passes, it would help me to become mature and know more about myself, my character, and what I am capable of. This certainly builds the concept of myself.

  18. Chris Ruella G. Mejarito BSIT 2F3

    Whatever will be, will be. I choose this mantra because being a human we don’t hold our future. we cannot see what will happen to us next but whether it is happy or sad we have to accept or embrace it wholeheartedly because every every trials in our life has a reward. We don’t hold our future but if we trust in God our desire in life will come true because he knows what’s best for us.

  19. Kimberly F. Betic BSIT 2 F3

    My mantra is, My complexion not be as light as other girls have but im still beautiful im my own way. Ever since when I’m a kid, people around me especially my family they always complement how beautiful I am, even though im only morena in the family im confidence because im beautiful im unique. Time goes by my self-esteem is not like when im a kid, when i became a teenager I always concious about my skin color, I compare my self in my siblings because all the clothes we have they fit and match for them because they have a nice skin color. I realize that my flaws and imperfection I should be to proud of. Im not be a better person if I cant accept off all my insecurities. My complexion is not a hindrance who I am now.

  20. Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT2F3

    There are three mantras that I love to say to myself every day I woke up but the only one that I love the most is. “Self, you can do it! I believe in you, there is no easy way from the earth to the stars. So, you better wake up little dreamer.” I love this mantra to myself, why? Because every time that I chant it on my mind it reminds me that there is room for me to grow. That every day is a new day. And it talks about how anything that is not built on the foundation of hard work ends up not being long-lasting. That if I want a progress, if I want a success, it will cost me because there is no easy way from the earth to the stars, that there is no easy way to my dreams without hard work. I believe that time becomes more precious every day, you’re gonna have to make it if you can’t find it. Yes, I will get rejected a lot but that doesn’t mean I’m not good. Everybody goes on their own pace, life isn’t linear! Your gonna get confused from time to time, what I doing in my life, what is my purpose but come on, That’s okay! Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest- well it’s a choice. I am the one who has in control of my thoughts and feelings and with that, I am so proud of myself, I’ve been through so much, people may try to break me down and make me a cold-hearted person but here I am. Still kind, Still good, Still trying, and Still keep going. I’ve made it this far, I have so much to accomplish. And I have a dream, a dream for gold that I should dig for. So, self faith it until you make it.

  21. In my perspective we need to focus on the solutions, not a problem. Many of us encounter deeper problems such as anxiety and depression that can sometimes lead to suicide. We need to be strong and stand up in ourselves. focus on whats make you happy, we all deserves, loved and happiness, just pray stay in positive thoughts.

  22. Jheeve Dhalin M. Iligan 2F3

    I am strong, I can bear the problems I face on a daily basis. Even though many around me say that I’m only up to here, I don’t pay attention because I’m the one making my own story. I know I can and I will overcome all the problems I will face. not just now, but until the end of my life. I will show them that what they say about saken is wrong and I will prove it with new courage. I have many true friends and family who will support and guide me.

    • Nathanael D. Pabiania BSIT 2F3

      My mantra for my self is that I am strong and enough . That I can handle my self in any situation in everything that I face on daily life. That I challenge myself to prove to other people who didn’t realize my own strength. As a strong man I will also prove them that I can achieve my goals in life that i have my family members that will guide me in every decision in my life. And help me to achieve it.

  23. Lyka C.Oscianas BSIT 2F3

    If I we’re going to recite a line/mantra for myself it would be ,”That I am worthy,I am strong,I am enough and it will be fine soon just have faith”because back then I feel like ,I am lost in middle of the ocean like ,I don’t know if there a person that who is willing to help me and it feels like I am drowning .I remember when I’m in elementary ,I was bullied and it cause me so much pain to the point that I question myself worth . I feel like I want to sleep until all the pain hurts no more.

  24. King Ruben D. Sales BSIT 2 F3

    I am more than enough and worth it. Growing up, I have a lot of different kind group of friends but I don’t think I specifically belong to a group of friends, I mean, I feel like I have friends but I don’t have anyone to talk about my problems and rants about my life that I feel like I’m not worth it. And I was always being bullied in High School for being fat. So, I thought myself to love me more and protect my inner peace and know that I am more than enough and worth it.

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